Let’s Talk About THAT Tennocon New Player Trailer from the new Spooderman movie

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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world.



  1. I'm honestly actually really excited and hopeful to see what DE have in store for the player experience. (It's not really a 'new player experience', because anything that helps new players helps everyone when new content drops.) Looking forward to what Tennocon has in store for us, thank you DE 🙏

  2. I'd love a warframe movie probably set during the war on lua that could show the rhino prime codex scene and add more pre game lore so anyone can watch it and get a real feel for how the universe gets to the point it is in game

  3. I still cant believe i downloaded this game when it came out. Many times i almost gave up. Shit graphics and mechanics… Wow glad i kept it. This game is now a AAA tier. 👍

  4. This does kind of piss me off because yes it's a cool trailer and all but why not use that money to actually put more fucking content in the game instead of focusing on the already good graphics that could wait to get updated next year.
    Or they could do proper reworks for the older warframes that got nerf after nerf thrown at them without actually consulting the people that know what the hell they're talking about.

  5. yeah! if you speed up volt then what about the other players. either all of them have to be speed up or the players would have to be paused. you know it would be kinda difficult situation.

    and may be we will get to experience the old war or something jn the future. you know memory recap and all. or a new open world. I hear that alot. so maybe the girl is for that. but theres greneers so maybe not. who knows just excited as hell.

  6. Ya.. Definateky has that mobie quality cgi going for it. Caught me a bit by surprise too. Optimistically hopeful of something great to come announced at tennocon. Time will tell.

  7. Is this warframe I mean the normal one or warframe 2
    Dude wtf is going on I leave it for 2 years and all this shit happens
    Nothing happened back when I was playing it

    Fk my English language

  8. My guess with the CGI trailer is that it’s all Sony’s doing. One reason I say this is because Sony has a habit of making lifelike CGI trailers for games (whether it’s for their own games or it’s for a third party. Case in point: the Red Dead Redemption 2 ad). The other reason is, of course, the fact that they showcased the PS4 logo at the end (owned by Sony) and the fact that it just so happens to be a trailer before Spider-Man: Far From Home (which is distributed by Sony). So I don’t think that the trailer is going be fully representative of the new player experience. Part of it will probably be so, but not exactly like this.

    But of course, I’m just saying this to dampen things a little so I don’t get my hopes up.

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  10. Been playing off and on since launch and I still have no idea what half the stuff in the game is about.

    Not sure a story driven trailer is suddenly going to explain 6 years of lego-style development.

  11. Just got out of the movies a little bit ago and had no idea that the cgi trailer was gonna be there. Needless to say I was both shocked and magnetized to the screen's radial blind of everything around us except what it wanted us to see, stunning magnificence. 10/10 would see spiderman again just for the trailer


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