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  1. Pokiman or whatever is a fucking twat and it's a waste of esports time to report on her, that's why everyone disliked it, you're a gamer but you're "famous" from being a chick not from being great at games.

  2. Pokimane. People don't like you because you're an egotistical, fake, money grubbing trash person that's worth less than a bag of dirt. At least dirt can be used as soil to grow something that will be useful. You, however, take people's money away from their original content just because they aren't nice to you, you cry when people call you out, you lie to your fans and spread misinformation to make yourself seem as if you're a better person, when you aren't, and you put money above everyone you have interacted with on stream. You pretend to be kind, innocent, and sweet, as if you're better than anyone else, and the moment someone says somebody is better than you, you get butthurt and cry to farm more subs and dono's from your obsessed fanbase.

  3. Nobody on Twitch is acting themselves all your getting is a watered down politically correct version, the most unfun version you can get everyone too scared of getting banned, the ones that are not soon get banned anyway.

  4. Seems streamers and self esteem issues go hand in hand, only someone thats so uncomfortable in their own skin, would be affected by such a comment, most well rounded adults would laugh this off, but laughing it off and not stopping the stream doesnt bait donos, if your gonna sell your soul be prepared for the self esteem issues that follow.

  5. All girls have to do is shed a few crocodile tears and everybody jumps in to whiteknight them, they want to be treated like strong independent women, but soon as they get some criticism they revert to the weak victim mentality and look for sympathy. someone with such a low self esteem shouldnt be streaming if they cant handle peoples opinions.

  6. Pokimane being a self-centered, egoistical person who thinks she's prettier than others? I'm SHOCKED.
    Remember that it's the same girl who pulled up a dude's instagram in front of thousands of viewers to mock his appearance.

  7. i didnt expect the doc to get many viewers, i actually thought he would get heavily view botted at best???
    he wasnt gone long, the reason he left wasnt huge, there was no big hype up.

  8. I think xQc really is a good person, but his community and chat gives him a bad reputation. He's changed a lot since his OW days of being a toxic asshole.


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