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Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates – “Invincible” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Tucker Riggleman doesn’t quit.
The Appalachian singer-songwriter and multi- instrumentalist (best known as a founding member of regionally influential bands The Demon Beat, Prison Book Club and Bishops) has survived over a decade of heavy touring and hard work in the music scene.
A fixture in the D.I.Y. community, from managing an indie label to running a booking agency, Riggleman has kept his solo material close to the chest over the years, often letting his other projects take center stage. The time has come for that to change.
Upon leaving his home state of West Virginia, Tucker found himself not too far down the highway in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where he began tracking the fourth full-length record for his garage rock band Bishops. Working closely with engineer and producer Eric Shy at Hotel Appalachia, Riggleman decided to push his boundaries by including some songs that stepped outside the wheelhouse of Bishops and their previous material. Enlisting the help of Bishops drummer Payden Kimble and local pedal steel aficionado Jason Summer (Dogwood Tales, Uncle Bengine & The Restraining Orders), these songs began to take a different shape. The result is a four song EP of those songs Riggleman kept close for so long, waiting for the perfect opportunity to let them shine.
With an expected move back to his home state in 2019 fueled by renewed purpose and passion, Tucker is ready to share his best work yet – the ‘Time Machine’ EP by Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates. Full of twang, heart and just enough grit, this debut offering is sure to find a home with fans of alt-country and good old-fashioned rock and roll. While it is certainly an evolution of his previous solo material, there is no denying this feels like a fresh start with the promise of something bigger and better for Riggleman and his music.

Director Name: Tarik Begic
Director Website:
Producer Name: Wade Puffenbarger

About the Video: Filmed by Blue Summit Pictures

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Invincible”

Lost my heart in a Rt. 50 gas station
I was going 90 in a 55
She was buying Busch Light up at the counter
Didn’t know if I’d make it out alive
Heard she’s haunting down the VFW
You know my Aunt Josephine runs that place
Quarter beers every happy hour
Keeping smiles on every broken face
I want you to know that I’m invincible
Despite what the outcome might be
Just know this pain is situational
And you can’t ever hurt me
I know I’ll end up back in West Virginia
Six feet under some old ash tree
Just bring me a pint every Sunday morning
I promise I’ll share it with my family
I want you to know that I’m invincible
Despite what the outcome might be
Just know this pain is situational
And you can’t ever hurt me
You can’t ever hurt me

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