Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham with goals from Pedro and an own goal from Trippier. Can Tottenham still make top 4 with Man United and Arsenal chasing, and are Chelsea back to their best? Was Sarri right for dropping Kepa for Arrizabalaga? Liverpool 5-0 Watford with goals from Mane, Origi and Van Dijk. Alexander-Arnold and Robertson got the assists, and Klopp’s Liverpool look back to their best. Are they favourites for the Premier League now, is it Liverpool’s to lose? Arsenal 5-1 Bournemouth with goals from Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Koscienly, Aubameyang, Lacazette. Can Emery get Arsenal to the Top 4 of the Premier League, or are Man United just too good? Man United best Crystal Palace 1-3 last night, are they a shoe in for top 4 under Solskjaer? Tottenham vs Arsenal is this weekend in the Premier League. Can the north London Derby between Spurs and Arsenal show who’ll finish top 4? Will Kane and Son be too much for Emery’s Arsenal, or will Aubameyang and Ozil destroy Pochettino and Spurs? Everton vs Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby is this weekend in the Premier League. Can Klopp and Liverpool make a statement to Man City and smash Everton? Or will Everton be too much for Salah and Mane in the Derby.



  1. Everton were playing half decent when they came to Anfield, different story now, Liverpool are going to destroy them if they try and go toe to toe, they probably need to park the bus to avoid embarrassment.

  2. I think Arsenal because Arsenal is already ahead of Chelsea. Arsenal now play aggressively like Chelsea do with their attackers defending in the midfield and pressing early. And Arsenal have better finishing than Chelsea do.

    Chelsea struggles more against clubs that park the bus. Chelsea passes more cleanly in the midfield and they have better defending in the pen box but I still think Arsenal just pips them overall. Scoring goals efficiently is important in the games against the middling clubs. Arsenal were able to finish Bournemouth off 5-1 although Bournemouth did have a few of their key players off with injury. But Chelsea lost to Bournemouth 4-0. The lack of scoring ability did them in again. So long as Arsenal's attackers involve themselves in the defending high up in the pitch and Emery doesn't use Lichtsteiner, the club have a good chance of getting above Spurs. Arsenal's defenders have to pull their weight more and Emery has to deploy better tactics in the defending third of the pitch.

    If Emery gets better defenders and more depth in this area, and is given more stable midfielders than Guendouzi and Xhaka, and improves the playing in the backend, Arsenal can challenge for the league title next season. The key is the defending. They let in too many goals unnecessarily. It is more of a tactical problem than a player problem.

    But the attacking and finishing are world class.

  3. City nicking it was disappointing for Liverpool. Hardly demoralising, though. Shit happens like that in football. Liverpool are looking good having conserved energy for a big finish to the season. We've got the same attack as last season (except for a want-away Coutinho) and this season – incredibly – we're easily ahead with clean sheets. Combine the two in the run-in and we're pushing City. All. The. Way.

  4. Man Utd not got a game or something boys ? We’re flying atm and not even got a topic on us hahaha we will fly under radar and get top 4 dw arsenal will bottle it at the bottlers this weekend

  5. Can you make sure Tory Jennings doesn’t come on. His views don’t represent Chelsea fans and his views are just so biased against Sarri

  6. Clearly the narrative has been set … none of you remember the defending Champs were ahead and we came from behind to pass them, that doesn't matter I guess. The Spurs fan especially looking for someone to put the "bottler" tag on😎 Come on U Reds #YNWA


  8. Wow even though Arsenal are the form team and spurs are not u guys totally dismissed arsenal's chances of winning as if its already settled to a spurs win. We beat u once and we going to beat them again. Our attack will crush Spurs in Wembley.

  9. Who do I have to sell my nan to for Poch to drop Trippier to 2nd choice RB behind Aurier? He came back form the WC with an inflated sense of self and it's really affected his game. And while we're at it why is Ben frickin' Davies starting ahead of Rose, our 2nd most consistent player of the last 3-4 months (behind Son)? I know we've got Arsenal on the weekend, but after the Burnley result we should've put a full strength team out. And for the love of god somebody hide the vin rouge and Gitanes Blondes from Hugo. Ta.

  10. Had to drop Kepa, for there to be any chance of Sarri succeeding at Chelsea, he had to drop him for this game, whether we played Real Madrid or Bury, Kepa should not have started the match. There's no issue in bringing Kepa back in, yes Caballero had a clean sheet, but Spurs didn't have a shot on target in the match. This was the best possible scenario.

  11. The audacity of Bren calling out City for benefitting from soft penalties. Fuck me.

    Bragging about putting 5 past Watford as if City hadn't put 6 past Chelsea. Are you for real? Get a grip. Deluded as fuck.

  12. Rory always makes good points on this channel as well as on the Kickoff. Even though me being a Liverpool fan makes me detest his club through and through, I can't deny that he's a top lad.

  13. I’m a Liverpool fan and the two Liverpool fans that are on this channel regularly represent the club so badly on the videos, both so fucking stupid and naive

  14. So Liverpool win one game 5-0 and they're back to last years form? What about the 4 draws in 7 games? Bloody flip flops from game to game. Common lads, you've got to do better


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