The problem with Indian Engineering colleges (except for a few prestigious ones) is that….all the programming classes are THEORETICAL. The professor will just write on the board what’s written in the book without even explaining us why. When we were students, we had so many doubts…..
’What is the difference between Java and C#?’
‘What are the others programming languages?’
‘Where are they used?’
‘What is the market demand?’
‘What is the job market like?’

9 years back when I started my I.T journey, I had the same confusion. Which is why I am making this video, because I don’t want you to waste the initial years of your career doing what you don’t like.

So boys and girls….if programming is your true love, then today by the end of this video, you will know exactly which programming language will bring you respect, satisfaction and a lot of money!

So in today’s video, we are going to:
1)      List down the top 5 Programming languages of 2019.
2)      And analyse them based on 3 parameters – what is that language used for, how easy it is to learn it and what salary can you expect after learning that language.
3)      But most importantly, towards the end, I’ll give you a Bonus Tip, so that when you apply for a job in that programming language, your resume stands out from the crowd.

The programming languages that we are going to discuss today (including a few special mentions), in no particular order are these:

1. Java
2. C#
3. JavaScript
4. Python
5. Flutter SDK and DASH
6. C/C++
7. Swift
8. SQL




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