The age of the electric car is here! Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix shows us around the latest EVs at the Geneva Motor Show, including the £2.2million Pininfarina Battista and Fiat’s all-electric Centoventi concept. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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  1. Car Lock Honking Wakes People Up and is Stressful Noise All the Time.

    Seriously just please think. …If someone parked outside where you live and in the middle of the night (or whenever) came up to it and HONK HONKED how would feel? What if that happened many times a day and night? We can here it Inside the Building.

    Please use hazard light flash only when locking cars. For Neighbors Peace of Mind, Sanity, and Sleep
    Thank You.

  2. The fiat "not the next Panda" – how much do those battery packs weigh? Is it feasible to have several batteries charging & one in the car? I think I've just figured out how to build an electric taxi…

  3. All these cars are just for show they can’t produce the battery’s at scale so they make a lose on each one sold the only electric cars worth buying are Tesla, Kia and Hyundai

  4. I love Audi cars , the new Q4 is beautiful but the aerodynamic is wall-like. With electric cars it is possible to do the job much better. And the range would also gain from a better cx

  5. Looks like VW is in damage control mode, after all the pollution they cheated into everyones lungs. Good they were caught red handed, now they can make the billions that they have to pay in fines. Wishing them success .

  6. What happens if you finish work late at night, early start the next day. Need to charge car up and ohhh, a power cut in the neighborhood. Can't even charge car up, or buy time you've found somewhere else, might as well book a day off work. My company had an electric people carrier, Nissan, absolutely awful, about half hour to charge up lasting about 80 miles. If you live top floor of a tower block, bloke on bottom floor will have an expensive electricity bill. The future's looking bleak and dangerous because padestrians can't even hear them. Are milk floats the future, great.


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