Tim Legler “analysis & predicts”: The best fit for Russell Westbrook: Piston or Heat? | ESPN SC
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  1. What is Tony talking about D-Lo playing off ball? He’s gonna initiate the offense as well. Steph is not a true point, everyone initiates offense on this team. They had 4 or 5 guys last year that did it, so he will def be one of those this year. They need another playmaker who athletic and quick, he’ll be nice alongside Steph.

  2. All this trade talk….
    He's going to stay in OKC😂.
    He's Stuck There. $42 million a year. If Russ leaves that place going to have alot of empty seats 😂😂

  3. He needs to work on his skills and his mental

    Russ needs to meditate and take it serious, his mind is thru. He's mad erratic. Just look at his face u can see the stress and tension. He can't control it

  4. Ppl saying the clips is thegreat defensive team but teams scored on them at a high clip last year avg pts allowed was over 110 ppg, a 48 win team In the west is a very low seed who they trying to convince the clips going tip jump 7 spots to top the western conference

  5. Pistons or heat would literally be 2 of the worst choices. Pistons just got drose. Heat just got jimmy who plays point sometimes or atleast has the ball a lot. Better choices would be timberwolves or pelicans

  6. If he’s going to either Detroit or Miami, it will be the same iso ball style as he has been playing in OKC. He is not making the team a contender. His playing style can only benefit the team that already has superstars like Milwaukee Bucks

  7. As long as Miami doesn’t give up Herro, Winslow or Bam I’m all for Westbrook coming down. He and Butler would be a power duo and they fit well in the culture.


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