The REAL Reason SNL Didn’t Include Sunny Hostin in The View Skits 2019 | #mvontheview

In April and May of 2019, Saturday Night Live (SNL) did skits mocking ABC’s The View. However, millions of people who tuned in noticed, both times, SNL DID NOT INCLUDE Sunny Hostin. But why??? In April and May we all speculated as to why, maybe they couldn’t find someone to play her or maybe they didn’t feel they had enough material to write some funny material. Well, I’m kicking all of those theories to the curb today. Listen in as I share, the REAL reason she wasn’t included…THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY .

My LIVE Reading of The Daily Beast Article:

Daily Beast Article, Written by Lloyd Grove, Editor at Large: Meghan McCain, Feeling Like an ‘Exhausted, Defeated… Caged Animal,’ May Exit ‘The View’

The View, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro- Cardenas, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, and Meghan McCain, is my favorite show, although sometimes its a struggle to watch, but I still love it! My commentary is now published in CC (closed caption) for those who need this assistance. However, the CC content is auto-generated, and thus may not be an exact transcription. You can turn off CC by clicking the CC button on your device.

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The View is my favorite daytime show and when I started my channel in June of 2018, I decided to create a show on my channel about it called My View on The View (MV on The View or MVOTV). Thank you for joining me as I comment, share, and post about my favorite show. I love your comments, thumbs ups, and even the thumbs downs! Join me as I share, from time to time, about my favorite show as it grows, changes, and evolves!

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  1. Go back and watch the view way back when the fabulous Sarah was on the show, I love Anna, but she repeats herself, or as you say speaks in a loop ,look back at previous shows, it's sort of her cute thing!

  2. HA! Ana is most definitely that way. Catch her on CNN. It'll happen every time. That's when she's the greatest to be honest and you know to put your tale between your legs because she's coming for you.

  3. I love Ana, she's my favorite too, but I thought that SNL portrayal was PERFECT. Ana does tend to get into big (and epic) monologues about despicable political figures. I thought the broccoli in the microwave part was hilarious bc I could totally see Ana saying that!

  4. It's probably because they don't have a light skinned black woman in the SNL cast right now. They would have included her if Maya Rudolph was still on the show. They will probably be bringing back Maya to play Kamala in the Fall.

  5. They actually had this discussion on an episode of the view, and Sunny herself questioned why they don’t do her…do u recall this? I don’t remember what was said

  6. I think there is nothing that they can do with sunny other than do the Starr Jones kind of thing where they bring up "I'm a lawyer" otherwise she's not someone to make fun of.

  7. I am loving your attention to production value, K'Sherrel!! And I also love a good View Conspiracy Corner, lol! I do recall Ana doing that "loop speech" in real life, at least I thought she did… One way or another, it's amazing publicity for everyone's favourite talk show! 😆🤣😆🤣


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