In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser and we watch the Star Wars movie all out of order so we have some catching up to do lol
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  1. If you don’t already know what Episode number it is then it means you already don’t know the story or the films. Which means you won’t even understand the context of what you’re watching so as to give a meaningful reaction. A shame, to be sure.

  2. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Rian Johnson the Troll?


    I thought not it's a story the jedi wouldn't tell you. It's a Disney legend. Darth Rian Johnson was a troll lord of Disney, so powerful and such a troll he could use his trolling abilities to destroy the entire Star Wars franchise…he had such a knowledge of the troll side he could even stop the fans that loved Star Wars from caring about Episode 9

    He could actually make Star Wars lose it's fanbase?

    The troll side is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be unnatural

    What happened to him?

    He became such a troll; the only thing he was afraid of was losing his trolling abilities, which eventually of course he did. Unfortunately the fans realized he was destroying the Star Wars lore so they made sure he never directed another Star Wars film again(smiling) Ironic isn't it. He could troll others but not save himself from being trolled.

    Is it possible to learn this trolling?

    Only from Disney

  3. For once they used something trully from Legends. Palpatine is back from hiding in one of his clone bodies. Except Luke isnt there to stop him, nice work Disney


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