Stan Van Gundy reacts to Russell Westbrook talking to Thunder about possible trade



  1. Player's had the same control in the 80's 90's & early 2000's it just wasnt the culture to break up decent teams so quick & team up for a instant title nobody dared to take the leap LeBron & Wade took back then

  2. I think once a players agrees to a contract then they should have to fulfill that contract and can not ask to be traded and no team should ever have two players in the top 10 in the league unless you're OK with the league dying out cause the lesser teams can't compete and could just be gone from the league in the future and to think that couldn't happen is being braindead delusional thinking

  3. Thank you!!! Someone finally said it. OKC traded PG cuz they couldn't win with him on the roster (team constructed) not cuz he asked for a trade. He hade years left and no leverage. They literally got an out when he did. They couldn't trade him fast enough. Lol

  4. People talking about Lebron going down. Dude just out up one of the best seasons of all time in 2018. Its only 2019. Now he got serious talent around him. The 2020 playoffs going to be the Best the NBA has ever had media, products and sales.

  5. Durant went to a cold state not a warm state. NEw York is a terrible place to live both health wise and Tax wise. Players that have paid their dues should be able to play where ever they want to play. So of that means they go to the best markets the league need to do better finding young studs that can come in on rookie contracts and win rings like the VETS

  6. You can decide to get rid of me when it suits you for the benefit of winning, but I cant chose to request to leave for the benefit of my legacy and possible future contracts. If you trade me its business, but if I request a trade its disloyalty. If you dont invest in the team as a player you are lazy, but the team can consistently tank to try to get better players and destroy your career in the process since winning is equivalent to success. Players should have control of their careers. Small markets need to do better and actually try to win. Most have gotten substantially better which is why teams are signing with them but I'm from Cleveland. We saw all our franchises do this BS from basketball to football and I'm on the side of the player.

  7. He could of went home in 1 year or 2 years. Every great 👍 team. Has always tried. And repeat. These guys are Champions. Toronto is a Championship team. It doesn’t make since to me. It was a miracle that Toronto won with all Golden State injuries. Winning a Championship is not easy. As he will see. He at least should of stayed in Toronto for one more year. They took care of everything. This man got offered the whole country. The Country. They took care of him on every level. It’s no guarantee that it’s gonna be like this as a Clipper. You at least go back. And try it one more year. I believe it’s a bad decision.

  8. Two superstars went to the nets and clippers. Two franchises who haven’t won anything. Toronto just won its first. Player movement thus far has been good.

  9. If OKC would have been a little more patient and pocket-spending by keeping Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook together the Golden State dynasty that just past away would have been there's. 4 rings easily.

  10. Now superstara definitely had regrets not teaming up with Kobe Bryant. They had no rings. So everyone wanted to be with those with rings…that's the trend. Kobe laughing ryt now. He has 5 rings.

  11. Now Woj and everyone else is going to speculate about Westbrook going to other teams. Let me guess, the Knicks and Lakers will be the teams talked about mostly.


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