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A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all the women that were in this video!! No questions asked just straight support and love.. THANK YOU to Blimes Brixton, Gifted Gab, Reverie, CeCe Valencia, Gavlyn, JuJu, and all the girls we picked up around LA.. YOU GUYS SHOWED ME GIRLS DO SUPPORT GIRLS! LETS DO IT AGAIN!! 🙏😬

Prod. by: DJ Pumba

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  1. You out here workin' your ass off for a bad boy you fuckin' love
    You leavin' a good guy to go chasin' after a thug
    Not knowing his ass ain't even a G, he a fuckin' dub
    Not even a dub like W, definitely an L
    And so by association, that's makin' you one as well
    I don't gotta hate on you, you hate yourself I can tell
    I'll never hate on you baby, you're doing that by yourself. S/O to my motherfucking Ex!

  2. Got a mix tape from u back when I was in high school more then ten yrs ago whole thing was fire bt kno 1 wanted to hear me I'm glad to see u finally getting ur recognition it's very inspirational being an aspiring musician to seeing you finally make it to the breakfast club seeing ur music trending n etc.. keep grinding and succeeding it give the rest of us hope know u can make it someday dispite the obstacles no matter how hard or long the road is if you really want it you'll make it there


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