SKT vs IG Highlights MSI 2019 SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus Gaming MSI Highlights by Onivia
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  1. Stupid SKT fans. IG lost this game on purpose. They already secured the first place. Why tried hard and gave out info to your potential enemy to use later in final ? Your dumbass disgusted me !

  2. when skt win, everyone start to talk good about skt
    when skt lose, then everyone starts to blame "NOOB teddy thrash ad" "Faker 1v9 again" "khan is thrash"
    pathetic thrash skt fans

  3. Why some people being salty when SKT win, dafuq u all cryin about? They worked hard like other teams do. Just because they aint yah favorite doesn't mean you have to be salty to them jeez.

  4. Good follow ups by Faker and Teddy after good engages by Mata, Clid, and Khan.

    Every single SKT player shone in-game this time. Masterfully played, SKT!

  5. Not gonna lie . But i hate ching chong people . That's why I'm happy to see Skt clapping China by going all out in every teamfight

  6. it is insane how everybody thinks SKT is gonna win MSI just because they won this game. IG performed way better the whole tournament, SKT is not warming up, they wanted to prove themselves from the start because they didn't do anything last season.
    The new SKT is a great team, but IG is the one most likely going to win MSI. Let's be real, SKT vs G2 is not a guaranteed win, G2 are performing extremely well, don't tell me SKT wasn't playing serious when playing against G2, there is no way they want to lose against an EU team twice. Before the tournament started, we all kinda know the MSI champion is gonna be between SKT and IG, the reason for that is because just from watching LCK and LPL, Teddy looks scary. We were expecting teddy to tear down jackylove. But that is not the case, Jackylove has performed so well this tournament, Teddy is not over shining Jackylove, Faker vs Rookie is close to even, and TheShy is just a pure monster, Khan is probably the only few can hold on a bit against him. Only CLid is doing better than Ning. It's just sad how people are finding so many excuses for SKT's lost after this victory against IG.

  7. Ning was clearly not playing at his best the moment he picked Xin Zhao imo

    IG was not at their top form and wanted to see how pathetic the other teams were to give them a 10-0 score


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