msi 2019 IG vs SKT Day 5 2019 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage – Invictus Gaming vs SK Telecom T1. MSI 2019 IG vs SKT VOD.
2019 MSI Group Stage full playlist:
League of Legends Season 9 Mid-Season Invitational in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Sixth game of the day – SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus Gaming vs best of 1. SKT vs IG.

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Khan – Top Kennen
Clid – Jungle Jarvan IV
Faker – Mid ryze
Teddy – AD Lucian
Mata – Support Braum

Invictus Gaming Line-up:
TheShy – top Sylas
Ning – Jungle Xin Zhao
Rookie – mid Zoe
JackeyLove – ADC kaisa
Baolan – Support Galio

Patch: 9.8 – Season 9
Game date: 14.05.2019 | 05/14/2019 | May 14th 2019
Game place: GG Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Casters: Vedius, Kobe and QuickShot

#MSI #2019MSI #LOL

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  1. Love how the comments section under MSI games suddenly popped up with SKT support. These are the types of individuals that are fanboy of SKT/Faker, and are waiting for some sort of a rise. Truth hurts hard fanboys, yes SKT was once dominating the game but no they will never be as good as they once were since it had almost nothing to do about Faker. Yes Faker might be a great player, and even the best that were have ever seen but isn't the "solo carry" that brought SKT its glory. Bengi was the sole reason behind SKT's perfect run in both worlds and LCK back in the day. The moment SKT decided to disband Bengi, SKT went down the rabbit whole and never found. All in all, SKT will probably lose in the semi's (unless they somehow match with TL), and get knocked out with a clear 3-1 or a sweep. Faker isn't the type of player that will solo carry the game, and this has been proven over the past 20 splits on LCK. He is the type of player that you want on your team when everything is going perfect, unless otherwise you instantly lose due to the lack of "risk taking" his play style has. Objectively, IG seems to be the winner of MSI's with no doubt. G2 might become a problem for them but the mid difference is undeniable.


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