SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus Gaming Full – MSI 2019 Group Stage Day 5 – SKT vs IG

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  1. Seriously this is what happened when you babysit faker early youre creating a monster late game. This is what bengi does since s3 create a space for faker to farm and be aggresive kudos to clid on doing it perfectly and for skt finding the successor of bengi

  2. People have such short memories. How many times have SKT got off to a slow start, evolved over the course of a tournament, and either taken the whole thing or at least made it to the championship match? They don't care about smashing groups and flexing on people, they care about getting a feel for their opponents and prepping for the long run to the cup.

  3. this is how SKT always has been.. adapting through the series. I just hope they get revenge on G2 cause that'll be humiliating for them to be taken out by bronze league </3 TL > G2

  4. The Reddit LOL sub clearly never watches LCK. SKT is messing around just to qualify and they will dominate in Bo5. They are peaking at the right time and this game is part of that upward slope.


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