As the transfer market hots up, Sky Sports News has launched three brand new, must-see transfer shows, which you can watch live right here.

Plenty of teams need to strengthen this summer and you can keep up to date with all the latest done deals, rumours and latest news with the shows each day.

The transfer panel discuss Harry Maguire’s rumoured exit from Leicester City and whether he should sign for Manchester City or Manchester United.

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  1. Maguire is all just paper talk. City doesn’t want him… this is just like the Evans news last year city doesn’t want him this is all just typical transfer talk being forced and no way is maguire is on the same level as Laporte lmao 😂Laporte is someone you can compare to vvd if you look at the underlying numbers but doesn’t get the limelight as much as vvd because ofc vvd has had bigger impact which is fair but to compare maguire to Laporte lol sit down son 😂😂

  2. Yet another example of an overpriced and overrated player simply because he is english… maguire wouldnt make the bench on my dream premier league 11

  3. United need him more… city don’t actually need him at all… he will actually play week in week out at united… at city? Not so much but for 80m city can have him

  4. Proud to say I wanted both Maguire and Robertson when they were at Hull. My team(Newcastle) should have signed them before Liverpool/Leicester did.

  5. Maguire is very underrated despite the price tag. That’s just the market. Man U fans – this is the new Steve Bruce. Maguire also plays a lot like Sol Campbell.

  6. Even as a Leicester fan I think that 80mil is too much for Maguire but it should send a message out that Leicester want to keep him, not that he’s overrated, it’s to deter teams from buying him

  7. Or perhaps he will just stay where he is, you can come up with something original to talk about, and we will stop having to be bored to death with this tedious monotonous bullshit!
    Move on, get over it and shut the #### up you boring dumb knobheads!


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