The original Captain Marvel came from Fawcett Comics and was pretty much the most popular superhero throughout the 1940s. He spawned a bunch of spinoffs and even outsold Superman. His creators, Bill Parker and CC Beck, made something special that younger readers loved. Writer Otto Binder brought it to new heights.

This episode breaks down the history of the rapid rise and equally fast decline of Captain Marvel in the Golden Age, taking special care to explain what was best about the books by looking at the serialized story, Mr. Mind and the Monster Society of Evil.



  1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with all those 'racist' depictions. Only white people care, that and people who want to guilt white people for money and sympathy.

  2. Yeah, those comics got pretty racist lol. As a black man, yeah I don’t like them. My grandfather was a young man when these were out. He and my great grandparents didn’t fit any of those negative stereotypes. But I also think that if you hid history it’ll be repeated. By hiding it, it’s making it something naughty and taboo. It makes people know that these images bother people, and I think makes it more likely that they’ll use them negatively. Whereas if you put them out, and have a forward of a few pages explaining the historical context, and that those representations are hurtful and how they desensitize, it could be a progressive learning experience.

  3. From Wikipedia-Binder and Plastino debuted the supervillain Brainiac and the Bottle City of Kandor in Action Comics #242 (July 1958)[18] and co-created Supergirl in Action Comics #252 (May 1959).[3][19] With various artist collaborators, he co-created Krypto the Super Dog,[20] the Phantom Zone, and the supporting characters Lucy Lane, Beppo the Super Monkey, and Titano the Super Ape. In the first issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, he introduced Jimmy Olsen's signal-watch, and in #31, Jimmy's Elastic Lad identity.

    The Binders has a daughter named Mary. As a young teen she was killed when a car jumped a curb. The death of Mary destroyed Binder. He started drinking and died a few years later.

  4. C.C. Beck wasn't the only artist to draw the World's Mightiest Mortal in the 1940's. Towards the end of Cap's run at Fawcett, Kurt Schaffenberger was the primary artist for a few of the Marvel family titles. And in what was essentially the first issue of Captain Marvel Adventures, the artwork was by none other than Jack "King" Kirby.

    As you said, Otto Binder wrote most of Cap's adventures and created Mary Marvel, Cap's sister. At DC, he created Supergirl, Superman's cousin.

  5. Only racists like Shazam. Captain marvel is promoting gender equality and Shazam is promoting intolerance. Shazam belongs in the past.

  6. This is all worthless information NOW, as far as the world knows Geoff Johns is the Creator of SHAZAM, His publishing New52 SHAZAM / SHAZAM movie is a success , NOT even the family for Bill Parker & CC beck won't see a dime from this ,Now that I saw SHAZAM I still didn't see in the Credit the Original writers & Artist NAMES But Maybe I miss it ,But I did Note that History might be repeating itself , once again SHAZAM is going be popular more then SUPERMAN (that why that END Credit Show what It showed) It's going be a long time before we see another "MAN of STEEL-2" movie

  7. The Monster Society of Evil WAS reprinted as a slipcase hardcover back in 89… I have a copy! It was published by Amreican Nostalgia Library, in a very limited number of 3000 copies. DC listed a hardcover version about the time the Jeff Smith Monster Society series came out, but got cold feet and never published. You can still find the hardcover on Ebay.

  8. The original Captain Marvel, one of my favorite superheroes ever since reading a giant-sized annual comic book reprinting early Fawcett stories my late dad got for me at the age of 8.

  9. Dick Lupoff's and Jim Steranko's articles about Captain Marvel got me more interested in the original,whose stories in the Shazam comic book for the first four years left much to be desired until E.Nelson Birdwell(who loved the Golden Age comics)took over as writer. His stories were faithful to the original Cap and broke new ground. Too bad the feature ended in 1982.The original Captain Marvel hasn't been done justice since.

  10. DC just re-release the Monster Society of Evil with the information about how this is a product of World War II and not indictive of the current world, already

  11. Power Of Hope is everything I love about not just Captain Marvel, but super heroes over all and what they mean to me. There's one panel that gets me in the feels everytime ❤️

  12. Something I don’t like about modern Captain Marvel/Shazam is the more modern depiction of Dr Sivana. I always thought Sivana worked better as a looney mad scientist instead of the Lex Luthor knock off a lot of writers tried to turn him into.


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