Gordon Ramsay shows his recipe for profiteroles on the F Word. From season 3 of The F Word.



  1. Either horrible explaining of gordon. Say measurements then says add eggs! Like how many dipshit. Or whoever made this horrible video edit missed it. 10k likes wtf?

  2. Ramsey, I am a core fanatic viewer of your videos. But this one is damn too fast and no detail tutorial, Very hard to follow. Maybe you could write down the in ingredients and the steps on how to prepare this recipe? I love to make it for my daughters birthday coming up soon. Thank you.

  3. HAHAHAHA this is like watching batman. Like when he starts fighting the camera just goes everywhere, I wonder if Gordon hired the same cameraman from those movies

  4. In pan: 125 mil of milk
    200 mil of water

    Of heat 100kil of plain flour
    Back on heat/fold

    Eggs add one at a time

    Pipe bag

    Down push and twist away
    Push down pointy parts
    Into the oven

  5. Just because he is famous that doesn't mean all of his recepies are good and eveyone in the planet should love them. they're a lot of good chef out there too, I think he is famous out of luck and for no reason.


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