Last December, Marshae Jones was shot in the stomach while five months pregnant. A grand jury found the shooter acted in self-defense and now Jones has been indicted for the death of her unborn baby. Mireya Villarreal reports.

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  1. So she started the fight, well aware of being pregnant and she didn’t have any ideas about getting an abortion but still it’s a abortion issue?

    She was totally reckless and she lost her child in the process!

    I’m quite sure that there should be a legal consequence for her actions, but violating the abortion law isn’t one of them!

  2. This type of weird " so-called " Justice can only happen to black people in Amerikkka……..I cannot wait! Till hurricane season comes, i hope it destroys Alabama…

  3. The hood rat deserved it. If you’re a soon to be mom you’d know better not to fight when you’re pregnant. One less fatherless child that needs to suffer in a destructive environment.

  4. She is at fault for her child being killed…..let her face the charges with the toughness she showed when picking a fight, knowing full well what she was doing.

  5. Wow this is ridiculous. She didn’t even fire the gun though?? So not only does this woman have to deal with the trauma of being shot, she also lost her baby, and now she might lose her freedom?? That’s ridiculous. She has been thru enough. What’s wrong with Alabama??

  6. Wow and if this was 2 white or hispanic women it would be A ok they were just both having a very tense moment bih please BLACK LIVES MATTER and YOU Joey Starett Trumptard can STFU and how do the authorities know or determine that the other woman was in fact defending herself? Yeah right this WREAKS of Womens rights being ripped from them if someone has a gun someone has the right to defend themselves PERIOD PREGNANT NOT PREGNANT MAN WOMAN CHILD PERIOD

  7. All the female had to do is brandish the gun, maybe fire a shot into the air. Its highly likely she knew Marshae Jones was pregnant, and just so happen upon a convenient opportunity to get the child and mother to be out of the picture. Also, this is one of very few (if any) incidences where a black person has a gun in public and is not shot or even harassed by non black police or 'civilians'. The anti-black bigots are going to be using this case to say 'see there is no racism', but the honest know, had Marchea been anything but black, the media would be describing her as the victim, and any dirt that could be found on the shooter would be publicized and she would be put under the prison.

  8. The child dodged a (metaphorical) bullet by not being born to that psychopath. What kind of mother chooses to get into a fight when she is pregnant?!

    …And i see Alabama is living up to its name… who charges a woman for being shot???

    …And, abortion rights activists are choosing to back her??? What? Why? I mean, sure. She shouldn't be allowed to have kids but she definitely shouldn't be a "symbol" for anything.

    This is just a big layer cake of stupid. Half our population should be sterilized.

  9. This is a complex issue.
    Whats not in doubt though is that this was a scenario that didn't warrant a gun and got made worse by its use. Regardless of legality.
    A gun should only be used in extreme situations. Having a fight with a unarmed woman in a parking lot doesn't count.

  10. Keep the commandments and come back to our God. We are the children of Israel. You are not free, we are prisoners of war with Stockholm Syndrome. You are in the land of your captivity. Wake up, Yasharalah.

  11. Keep your eyes open for information about how much of a criminal scumbag the woman is which they always leave out of these stories


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