Take a look at some highlights of the newest member of the Detroit Pistons, Derrick Rose.



  1. May the Creator bless the..
    D(etroit) Rose
    and may we witness the return of the…
    "Bad Boys"

    Wishing all the NBA players health… Looking forward to a tight contest and amazing moments…

    Still a Bulls fan… But B-ball comes 1st…

    And yes Ben Simmons needs to learn to shoot.

  2. Going to miss you d rose on the Timberwolves along side with Karl Anthony Towns! I'm happy you got a good team that offered you a good deal. Its your time to shine, rooting for d rose and the pistons

  3. I trust our medical team just look at what we did with Jackson and nearly Griffin(who didn't have a left knee before he was a Pistons) and they both pretty much played all season and had their best year.

  4. I’m rooting for him, now more than ever, I’m from San Antonio and a diehard spurs fan but as a child it was Celtics lakers we didn’t win much, then along came the bad boy and I was like wow when they my child hood fav Larry legend I jumped on the bandwagon, I also enjoyed the 04 title team and when got the win in 7 in 05 it was crazy now D Rose is there and his comeback continues. Much success to Detroit and d-rose


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