Paulo Dybala to Manchester United is ON! Transfer Daily

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  1. What is he even talking about?🤷‍♂️ Without Pogba it is Literally Championship team with the players he mentioned. Looks like you don’t anything about Football or how arrange marriage works.

  2. I'm finding your videos harder and harder to watch. why do you feel the need to constantly go in on the people that watch your channel and belittle them as being morons and brainless idiots. You seem to be doing it more and more and you also feel the need to tell us you don't care about criticism, as if its water of a ducks back. Clearly your very affected by it all. the fake laugh you do to brush it off might fool a few kids watching you but its very clear your not enjoying the interaction with your growing subscription base

  3. Second fiddle to Ronaldo? They don't even play the same position. I don't think it's anything to do with Ronaldo. I don't think he's coming to Manchester United either.

  4. Dybala is a Striker who can play behind the striker

    Dybala plus £70m would be a steal for him Tweey

    I like the look of our pre-season squad it’s a lot of good up & coming youth players who deserve a shot plus the remainder of our summer signings

    We just need to back them & support them

    Terry with Dybala could be like this

    De Gea AWB Lindelof Maguire Shaw Fred Fernandes Martial Dybala James Rashford


    De Gea AWB Lindelof De Ligt Shaw Fred Fernandes Martial Dybala James Rashford

    With theses two teams we would be strong in defince & quick in attack like Ferguson use to build us on

    Terry if fans think they are selling everyone that needs to go & buy who we need is deluded & silly todothat it will take 3-4 years

  5. Terry i would be happy wiyh Dybala and Costa plus £40m for pogba. The £40m yo get the commission Riola had for the sale for Pogba to United. Riola is 100% playing games with his players and moves playets on for his own agenda.

  6. Imho I think right now in terms of attractive proposition for top foreign players in England, in order it must be

    1. Liverpool (champions of fucking europe)
    2. Man City (2 times in a row PL champions, respect where its due)
    3. Spurs (consistent appearances in champions league for a few years now, beaten finalists)
    4. Chelsea (champions league football next season, of course this depends heavily on the transfer ban)
    5. Arsenal (play attractive football, but not champions league football, garbage defence)
    6. Leicester (good squad of young players, good hungry manager at the healm)
    7. Wolves (same reasons as Leicester)
    8. Imodium FC/"we stop runs" FC/"Ole's at the wheel" FC (at least pay high wages, like a bratty spoilt kid with his daddy's credit card

  7. Terry have a discussion with your literate mates about the standard of football in Europe. How and why the premier league is better than the rest of the leagues.
    And have a mug play devils advocate and counter the argument.

  8. I disagree with the people saying look man city Liverpool and Tottenham they only have 1 signing. They aren’t in 6th we need players they don’t.

  9. He will flop at united because he doesn’t run a marathon in a game and united fans would rather get a 50 year old runner that plays cricket over a footballer

  10. I honestly can't believe Woodward thought I better give rashford a huge pay rise for playing very poor last year… Terry rashford nothing but let utd down last year he isn't good enough to be the team… until his final ball gets better I wouldn't play him as a forward…

  11. I do have to disagree with you if Pogba leaves we get a replacement because 1 I don’t trust us to replace him and to be fair no one player can replace Pogba in my option

  12. I can't see this transfer going through… he doesn't seem like a utd kind of player I think he is more suitable to Spanish football…but I could be wrong I he could go down very well like aguerro has but he isn't the same kind of forward…he can play in midfield as well… how much are juventus asking if it's £80m tell them know chance….

  13. Andra Herrera wanted to stay.and we couldn't even sign him.and he was are player.gone on a free..fucking shambles.what chance we have signing any top class player.hmmm 0%

  14. I mean no disrespect terry you seem like a nice guy and that’s a good thing for me to say about a united fan but let’s be honest all the deal you have mentioned and other united YouTube pages are just not going to happen example you guys have said fernandes to sign about 50 times here and he still hasn’t stop getting excited about every newspaper report lol it’s just isn’t true

  15. Small club mentality and top red mentality – this rebuild is going to take years … years bruv.
    Madrid aka what a top club looks likes – we have one window let's get to work.

  16. side comment but that's not how arranged marriage works these days mate, the person getting married has a lot more say on who they want to meet and ultimately marry


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