St. Louis native Pat Maroon cleans up a big rebound at the doorstep, sending the Blues back to the Western Conference Final with the game-winner in double overtime of Game 7!

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  1. I can't stop watching this goal. What a fuckin play by Thomas and what an ending by the hometown boy.

    Watching this over and over again I broke it down and realized this goal doesn't happen without anyone involved. Goal doesnt happen if Bozak doesnt win the face off. Goal doesnt happen if that beaut of a rookie Thomas doesnt fake going up and cycling the puck. And then the goal doesnt happen if Maroon doesn't follow up with the shot that hit the post.

    These are the moments and plays I live for as a hockey fan. Here's hoping Robert Thomas is on the Blues for years and years to come because he's only 19 and he's one gold at the world juniors, won the Stanley cup, and is a 2x OHL champion (Hamilton Bulldogs he captained after taking the captaincy on short notice before the post season).

  2. I had a inline NARCh team called Tour 87. We had 7 players and wanted to add an 8th player. We were favored to win the North American Championship – they were 15 years old at the time. Team full of great players, most went to play college ice hockey, and our Captain Bobby Ryan plays now for the Ottawa Senators. I had a chance to put Pat on the team. But I put another kid on the team because I thought he fit better, even though Pat was a great player. So I passed. I went against my cardinal rule: always pick talent over position. Great players can play anywhere. Every coach or every team manager has that one player that makes them look not only human, but really stupid. He was 14 then and you knew he would be a great player. He told me he wanted to play with Bobby Ryan, and he did when they both played on the Ducks. All my life I get to look back and think, boy how stupid was I? Seriously, Pat deserves everything he is getting. Great kid. Great player. And the biggest mistake I ever made. 🙂 – Irish#19

  3. Huge kudos to the Blues here. This is a team that was dead last in the NHL January 2. Talk about a team that has come together. I hope these boys in blue take the whole thing!

  4. Alright, I need help with this – any explanation is fine. I missed the 2nd OT and saw this recap but I’m totally mystified by how this goal went in. At the 1:07 mark it clearly shows the original shot went past Bishop and hit the post, then dropped down and was put in. But at the 1:21 mark on a different view, it never hit the post – it was saved by Bishop first, then dropped down and was put in. How can the 2 different views show 2 completely different things?

  5. Despite having a mask covering his face you can see the sheer disappointment from Bishop when he realizes that Maroon put it in. He played an incredible series. Deserved better.

    Congrats to Blues, it's been a long time coming.


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