New Zealand shooting: What we know-

-Police said 49 people are dead after shootings at two mosques.

-At least 20 others were being treated for gunshot wounds and listed in serious condition.

-A suspected shooter, an Australian national, has been charged with murder.

-Two others, whose roles remain unclear, are in custody.

-A man who claimed responsibility for the attack wrote a manifesto referencing “white genocide” driven by “mass immigration.”

-The manifesto said guns were used to stoke the 2nd Amendment debate in the U.S., and called President Trump a “symbol of renewed white identity”

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  1. “Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors.” (al-Baqara 190)

  2. The Globalization of this age has assembled the people of diverse nations and faiths to live together in one or another country of their choice. The Reformer of the age Mirza Ghulam Ahmed advises to these people that in spite of their belonging to different nations and faiths and having many other differences, they alike share one thing in common, i.e., they all are are creation of the same God; the Creator and Master of the Universe. And they belong to the same denomination of God’s species and are referred to as humans. Furthermore, as inhabitants of the same country, they are mutual neighbours. This requires that they become friends to each other, with purity of heart and sincerity of intentions. They should dispose kindly to each other and be mutually helpful. In the difficulties pertaining to religious and worldly matters, They should exercise such sympathy towards each other as if they have become limbs of the same body.

    He advises further that the people of one faith should not make efforts to gain domination over the followers of other faiths or to expel them from their living places because of having a difference of faith or race. He says that a long time living together in a country make their inhabitants indispensable for one another:
    ''If one is beset with a calamity, the other will inescapably share it. If either one intends to humiliate the other, out of egoistic pride or vanity, then it will not escape the consequent disgrace itself. And if anyone among them falls short of showing concern for his neighbour, then he too will suffer the ill effect of his callousness. Anyone who contemplates annihilation of the other is like one who saws off the branch on which he is sitting.

    He calls the people of this enlightened age to regard the dictates of justice, wisdom and the well-tested human values to reach reconciliation:
    ''With the Grace of God Almighty, you have also got a measure of education; it behooves you now to eschew grudge and promote mutual love. Similarly, the dictates of your wisdom require that you abandon the course of callousness and adopt an attitude of compassion and sympathy. The hardship of this life is like unto a journey in a desert in the midst of summer on a hot sunny day. It would be futile to take this arduous journey without cool water. It is the cool water of mutual love which you so direly need to extinguish this burning fire and to save you from dying of thirst.

    He says further that if someone questions the possibility of reaching reconciliation while religious differences are playing a negative role, throwing hearts further apart, then my answer would be to say that difference in matters of religion can only play a negative role when it disregards the dictates of justice, wisdom and the well-tested human values. It is to avoid this danger that man has been fully fortified with a clear sense of judgement and common sense. He should thus always carve a path for himself which never deviates from the path of justice and good sense. Again it should not violate the commonly experienced human sensibilities. Also it should be remembered that day to day petty differences cannot obstruct the course of reconciliation.

    He advises the people of all nations to avail always the assistance of unanimity, to solve their mutual problems for a peaceful living together:
    It is a common experience that calamities which cannot be averted by ordinary measures, and the difficulties which seem insurmountable, very often respond to the power of unanimity. Hence it would be against the dictates of wisdom for one to not benefit from the blessings of unanimity.

  3. Only if people can learn to live in peace and embrace the culture and tradition in the country they chose to live and putting their own behind or become secondary can this world be a much better place for all. Multi-culture is a great learning experience but multiculturalism is a complete destruction to all.

  4. 50 got shot dead in Florida USA not so long ago by one Muslim extremist.Now this by the white supremacists which is a absolute rarity in New Zealand.There is no end to this eye for an eye attack.

  5. Our country's heart is aching with hurt. Have some respect and compassion…. We are one and we love all. We think very different down here. You all need to wake up and treat those around you better. Judge people by the individual. Not race or religion. 💔💔💔😢

  6. …… of today several days later all semi automatic guns and various attachments are illegal in New Zealand so they'll almost match Australia,,but problem is a huge number of firearms aren't registered and don't know how many or who has them. ……
    …..might like to look at the hate rhetoric here on the tube for videos such as weapons systems, fighter jets, submarines, aircraft carriers….
    ….so could another person with a gun have saved the day? The cops there had their guns and didn't seem to make a difference……
    …… Orwellian social credit system as is being devised for China might reduce this kind of thing in future.

  7. In new zeland I show Some Christian peoples become Muslim why?? In the history Muslim terrorist killed many others religious innocents peoples around the world also their forced to became Muslim but no one Muslim country protested against this Muslim terrorist,.peoples should be smarter,not tooo much emotion

  8. I came across the video. No words can describe the emotional pain that I am going through. I can’t imagine what the relatives are going through themselves. All I can say is, step your game up Law Enforcement! Your response time is pathetic. R.I.P. to the lives lost, I wish nothing but justice to all of the families. Salam, much love ❤️

  9. The best humane way to execute this guy, it to cut his body alive so that he feel the pain, cut into 49 pieces and send his body part to the families of the victims he killed.

  10. Hey! Who are the only women who are depicted on the face of this black dress? Why is the Muslim woman dressed in western countries wearing zombies? Why is this woman alone going to the lone house to seek forgiveness? Introduction to New Zealand's Prime Minister "Jenniferander", who has ruled the hearts of Muslims at the time of God! But why?

    Recently there was a great deal of terrorism in New Zealand, which most likely everyone knows, to meet the Jeddah ardeen from this terrorist-affected family and join the grief of the family as well as to wear solidarity with Muslims Zebayn, apologizing to these families, apologize for the fact that since I am a member of this state, I am also responsible for this incident and I apologize for all that I could not protect you. This process has touched the hearts of those who believe in Islam, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the same and the only thing that the Prophet S may be affected through every person whether Muslim or not.

    But it does not end here only, today when the meeting was held under the chairmanship of the woman Prime Minister Jeddah Ardenen in New Zealand, she once again expressed the sympathy and solidarity with the Muslims and the martyr and began the meeting. What do you do with the sound?

    "The honey will bring your blood color, Islam will prevail in the West", I offer greetings to New Zealand Prime Minister! In fact, a female leader is a sympathetic and most likely to be the ladies in the top.

    How do you see this process?
    Talib Prayer: Admin

  11. 100% its fake , i want to show you something , before it gets banned .

    Look at the gun man shooting at his windscreen the window dose not shatter the window has no bullet holes and yet no bullets coming out , isay he taking this of him shooting to she he been blackmailed or used as an some kind of scapegoat ,he trying to show he been framed ,this why he took the live screen .

    Another clue is the fake site he called out the pewdiepie showing how he has something to do with it , maybe using that name as an example to show how easy it is easy it is to frame someone as he used his name,


    For those who say has no wind screen look left hand bottom corner can see a reflection of the windscreen.

  12. Another hoax. No wonder they are giving people 10 years in jail for having the video because when you slow the video down you can see the casings from the gun disappear in mid air. I challenge you people to do it. This is another hoax to take people's guns.

  13. God bless you brothers and sisters so so sorry god's blessings to you all in new Zealand an your family's God please support them please AMEN father all my love from myself and my son Troy God bless

  14. Stop blaming Pewdiepie, Fortnite, Guns, Candace Owens, Donald Trump, Fat Shaming, and Mental Health! And you're doing exactly what that pure EVIL man wanted, to begin a civil war between democrats and republicans. THE MEDIA ARE HIS LITTLE PUPPETS! Instead telling the truth this terrible media starts hating on Trump and others and be honest for once!

  15. To all dear people of New Zealand,
    I'm talking to you from the heart of the Muslim nation. Medinah. It's the city of light and peace.
    This tragedy has turned all of us, for the first time, to you, to your media, and to your culture and history. We started to learn more about you. We know that who committed that awful crime represents hatred, racism, and arrogance which does not belong to any religion in the world. Religions, regardless of what they are, are that river which gathers us and we all live around.
    Dear people of New Zealand,
    I will say what Luke said:
    "If a man gives you a blow on one side of your face, then let the other side be turned to him; from him who takes away your coat, do not keep back your robe"
    In our holy book God said:
    Whoever killed one soul, he as if killed all humanity.
    Islam has always denied violence. To violence, it has very strict penalties. Who killed innocent people will be killed.
    Alas, the man who killed 50 and wounded 40 innocent people, with cold blood, will live, eating, playing basketball, and watching TV. This is unfair. But I hope that he dies of blame and regret the rest of his miserable life.
    Dear people of New Zealand, don't think that this one man caused me to think about you in a bad way. On the contrary, you held those Muslims for years in your country. You gave them citizenship. You taught them and treated them well. We're grateful for that.
    Lastly, I want to tell you the delightful fact and the bright side of the tragedy that all those who died are rewarded and already accepted to be eternally in the paradise. God has promised those who are killed in the righteous path with eternal life in the paradise. 50 innocent people are now in a better place.
    Finally, the word Islam means peace. And to end, I say peace upon you.

    Medinah, Saudi Arabia..

  16. I saw the video live from the shooters perspective and it was a pretty interesting sight to see. It was brutal but the guy's accuracy/aim makes me believe the shooter had some type of practice or experience.


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