Hey guys! Today I show you 2 really cool new piston fly glitches, one of which goes through black walls and you can grind with! Enjoy! 😀


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I also record some videos with my amazing YouTuber friends jessetc, TheOfficial Fuzion, Illuzions Ghost and others.


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  1. I think that i found a new speed glitch,didmt test it too much but when i tried it it worked.I used my robot,and put a cake in my avatar,after that i put a piston on the edge of the cake and it started speeding

  2. after 1 hour of update with it i found a glitch
    with it u can make them super fast
    to make it place a piston,place anchored block on it,activate it,wait a few seconds then delete anchored block…BOOM!it worked faster
    if u want some proofs or help,friend meh:Ramirca


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