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  1. I saw the argument made that it was designed to keep white people out/deter them from wanting to go because it would "take space from POC in a place/event where non-POC weren't wanted".

  2. Tiny Jag for news commentator!

    I'm sure someone could have probably gone to court and got a restraining order against charging those prices. Or they could sue after the fact for monetary damages and CR violation.

    The fact that nothing seems to have been done may indicate that no non-POC showed up, or if they did, none of them are smart enough to know that this was illegal.

  3. I am half German half Filipino I can totally relate i used to live 8 years in America. Iv been called so many different races depending on the person. but at the end I am a human being who just want to live in peace and not be bothered with all this bullshit and hate.

  4. not only mixed races have this issue, imagine if your adopted by loving white people and your black or one of your parents or even yourself are in a relation with a person of color while you are not or vice versa and you are buying tickets… very confrontational

  5. People think race and ancestry are the same thing, they're not, you always hear about this race or that race i.e. the "black race" or "white race" as if all white people or all black people come from the same family/lineage, it's all very misleading to use those terms.

    These black people are racist against white people, it's as simple as that!

  6. I’m white and last time I check I’m broke as fuck always such bullshit man if it were other way around shit there would be riots and all kinds of shit pisses me off

  7. Why does she say , just because…? So if she wasn't biracial she wouldn't give a rats ass? But maybe she didn't word it that way and it's just the writer. If that's the only reason maybe it'd be bolder if some one full black pulled out. Eh just thinking.

  8. Well shawn king is fully white right, he just claimed that his white dad isn't his dad and his white mom is a slut who cheated on his white dad with a black dude but probably didn't

  9. There is still confusion about the cake situation… the first amendment is not even needed in this case.
    The backer cannot refuse to sell to anyone a cake on display for sale. But no one has the right to force the baker to make a new special cake.

  10. I just wished we could all drop this whole 'race' nonsense altogether. What were all the movements in the 20th century good for, if shitty intersectional racist 2019 comes and just says "Nah, we need to bring racism back again"?


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