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Mud Dog – “Strike Back” Mothman Records – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Mud Dog is a hardcore punk band from Milwaukee. Starting in 2018 with their first album ‘Survive’, the music tells a continuing story from the perspective of the first fish to crawl onto land and struggle for a place in the new world.

Director Name: Jacob Hardy
Director Website:
Producer Name: Jacob Hardy
Producer Website:


Record Label: Mothman Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Strike Back”

I watched you grow
side by side
in the cage next to mine
You’re a clone
nothing more than a corrupted soul
I wasn’t born to be trapped
but I was forced to adapt
you’re a stain, born in vein
and you’ll die the same
The wall between us
it will break tonight
I’ll put a stop to this
if it’s the last thing I
Did you really think
you could keep up this lie?
We can’t coexist
and I hope it makes you sick
I’m so disgusted
by the way that you’re weak
It’s an insult to my existence
every time that you breath
You use your weakness as a weapon and your pain as a crutch
You compromise your own convictions and you never seem to practice what you preach
You’re nothing but a leech
You’re a bottom feeding hypocrite
that’s sucking all the life out from the scene, I thought you were like me but you only let me see what you wanted me to see.

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