Music by: Paul Mottram
Album: Hopeful Progress

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By: Arsh

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“Where words fail, music speaks.”
– Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. The lonely lost Jedi in the woods searching for the spirit within 2 show him the way
    And does anybody see a Big Dipper , Little Dipper or a Frying Pan in the stars I sure was looking
    Great work ✌️ out

  2. The star will shine like the dust of diamond,
    The rarest thing that what you believe,
    Everything was too fragile,
    Something different,
    That they couldn't have seen,
    The land of wonder will be shine.

  3. We hoped for a better life,
    We wandered away from this strife,
    Oh wonder fragile as ice,
    Pray chance, tell us…
    When can we escape the sounds of fife?
    I hope for a day,
    When people can throw away the knife,
    And turn fragile wonder into new life.

  4. glass domes

    of swirling water

    glittering wonder

    a shimmering storm

    that demands to be heard

    yet delicate crystal

    breaks so easily

    fragile hopes and dreams

    shattered time across the ground

    but then flows free

    vanquished walls

    endless form…

    what perfect timing

    for when i looked up at the sky

    there were lightnings everywhere

  5. Time drifts away,
    there isn't much time to spare
    I should be going,
    making my way towards

    I can't tear myself away from
    the beauty of this place…
    My wonder has been so fragile
    for what seems like an eternity.

    I have sen many things,
    fought many monsters
    but nothing I have seen or done
    can compare to this wondrous feeling
    that no longer

  6. ~ A dream like a star,

    ~ We may never touch them,

    ~ But if you follow them,

    ~ They will lead us to our destiny,

    ~ Dreams bring us the strength,

    ~ To light up the stars in the night,

    ~ To believe in the impossible,

    ~ To create the Seeds Of Hope,

    ~ Nobody doesn't allow us to dream,

    ~ So we have the right to dream,

    ~ No matter how big the dream is,

    ~ We still believe in it!

    ~ Day after day, month after month,

    ~ Our dreams are constantly growing,

    ~ To dream something further and bigger,

    ~ So, we are always ready to face it all,

    ~ Be your dream! Now or never!


  7. She was fearless
    For she knew that hell was beneath her and the fragile gift to morality burned within her.
    She was the type of girl who would find the wonder in everything and bled beauty with her every breath.
    And broken in all the right places
    A Fractured Masterpiece Of Humanity.

  8. ~Ring…Ding…Ring…
    ~Do you hear the stars sing?
    ~They form notes and melodies,
    ~Creating wonders of ecstasy.

    ~Endless of imagination is yours to take,
    ~Lift your heart and soul to open your wings,
    ~This is your own sky, it is yours to make,
    ~ Feel the chill and gaze the clouds of spring.

    ~Ocean of stars shines ever so brightly….
    ~The crystal dawn illuminates a beginning….
    ~Esprit of twilight radiates a newborn world….
    ~The breeze dances to an unforgotten song….

    ~This is your life, your castle in the sky,
    ~Your love and memory that will never die,
    ~Live every day with full of joy and color,
    ~So spread your wings, you are the wonder!

    -Lejon X.

  9. It is very sad to get to this channel, I always hear something that makes me sadder than me … I hope that one day I will smile even with tears in my eyes, that the thousands of memories that come to my mind sadden me. I guess that makes me stronger and I can continue with the hell of life that I have.

  10. I have come this far
    To lose and gain a lot
    Yet I contain my scars
    And moved from my spots

    They told me to run
    So that I'll be safe
    But I am done
    Of running for their sake

    I stare at the light in wonder
    And thought of this surrender
    But I know God will protect
    So I can claim this victory

    I will not run or hide
    Not again, not anymore
    I must protect my people and its light
    For this is the fragile life I adore

  11. I took this path
    I walk all the way
    Though it was lonely
    A moment I felt regret
    Then, I realized it was all worth it
    A beautiful moment, where it was all wonder that rose me up
    A Fragile Wonder.

  12. I see many things. I see the sorrow and pain of this world. But what I see, hidden behind those greys, are the colors of what the world can share. Let our eyes not be darkened by what they say this world is, but what the world really is. Though I may be just an observer, I am also a visionary. Come and see the world through my eyes. And maybe, you will walk among the fields of color and among the myriad sky of dreams.

    ~The Hidden Seraphim


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