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  1. i disagree the first goal was clearly luke shaw's fault.. your a premier league left back.. you do not get juked by someone tapping the ball inches to the side and then shooting it… you close the person. down..

  2. No, de gea is just finished as a goal keeper. The shot had no power…. Allison, lloris or kepa stop that shot. United need to sell de gea Asap

  3. If i ever hear anybody say "David De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the world", i will rob a bank, use the money to buy a gun and shoot them and spend the rest of my natural born life in solitary confinement in bloody Siberia!

  4. I agree Leroy Sane is too good not to start…. but who do you drop? Sterling? B. Silva? In the form those two are in, I don't think so. The only way I can see Sane is starting is if you push B. Silva deeper into the central midfield, but then you risk losing what he's been bringing to the team from the wing…. its a tricky one

  5. Man City are winning the EPL title every single year as long as Pep stays. Pep is just levels above I’m sorry but even Liverpool who are having their best season in 30 odd years and are about to end the season with 94 points could still lose out to this City team..crazy

  6. No, say you told them so. Remember Drifty chatting all that shit about DDG being better than Ter Stegen? Bet he changes his tune now that he cost Liverpool the title.

    As for United, they are absolutely horrendous. They couldn't even pass the ball 5 yards, absolutely terrible. No top 4 for them, it'll be Spurs and Arsenal with Chelsea winning Europa or Chelsea get Top 4 and Arsenal get Europa.


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