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  1. Let’s leave it at the treble for now people are already in their feelings for these 3 imagine if they were in the CL final too looool

  2. Watford were in the FA Cup final coz they were better than Chelsea, Arsenal United Spurs Liverpool and Wolves etc…. City spend wisely £27m Jesus, Sane £38m, Ederson £35m, B. Silva £43m all Peps buys.

  3. Ride your champion's league hobby horse. We are thrilled with our success. You have no insight into the extreme and narrow corner you are in just cast a cloud. Bias not analysis!

  4. I dont get why everyone wants to see man city fail. The same liverpool fans that probably cheered the aguero goal against qpr are the same ones calling for ffp breaches.It just goes to show they love you when your good but they hate you when your great.

  5. As a Liverpool fan i don't hate City for winning what they do,i am more pissed at Managers at other EPL clubs who still didn't learn from last season that the "Bus Parking" tactic does not work against City,when we clearly saw which ever side showed bravery and played a attacking game against City,had City on the back foot..if i see the same tactics used by these very same mangers next season against City,they should all be placed into the "Brick Academy" and be banned from coaching any team.What does Pep do other than coach the players the "Pass and Move" part of the game,the very basic fundamentals of football.So what is so Genius about that? Why Pep has struggled in the UCL,as he is up against other good technical sides,who don't park the bus and play with confidence in there own footballing ability.

  6. It’s so funny people say 1bn spent by city but if they weren’t winning anything everyone would be laughing, just because they’re winning consistently everyone’s in their feelings saying footballs ruined

  7. My personal opinion on the first subject: 1 World Cup = 2-3 UCL or 2 Euros/Copa Americas ; 1 UCL = 4-5 Domestic Leagues ; 1 UCL = 3 Domestic Doubles ; 1 UCL = 2 Domestic Trebles. Its an easy formula and most directos of the biggest clubs and top players will agree.

  8. Watford were stir fried, chop sueyed, proper! 😆 … 6-0, with Mr De Bruyne on some madness, for the 35 minutes, he was on the pitch…If he'd stayed fit most of the season. He'd have been, player of the year… His football IQ , coupled with his technical, Picasso like brush stroke touches on the ball, is light years ahead of any Premier League player… He's the nearest modern player in style, to the legendaryJohan Cruyff.

  9. HH as a city fan you are right. Pep has NO EXCUSES in the champions league next season. Also Chelsea has spent as much as city bro. Hold them to the same standard.


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