In this video, I look at how Riyad Mahrez was so sensational at Leicester City and how potentially, it’s not about the player, but Pep’s formation. I focus on one particular game for LCFC vs WBA.

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  1. oh cheers mate. Thanks for reminding me of just how useless we were. Must say it is a little bit deceptive analysing any player against us that season. Mahrez might be one of those players who struggles to perform when in a team expected to be on the front foot all the time. I am looking forward to see how Zaha would fare at Arsenal. It's one thing playing on the counter into space with palace and Leicester and another thing when you are breaking defences down at City and Arsenal. All the best next season

  2. Mahrez or Foden can give David Silva the rest he needs and deserves throughout a 60 game season. I guarantee that Mahrez could do a lot of damage with Sane, Sterling, and Aguero in front of him.

  3. You've certainly highlighted the Mahrez conundrum Andy. Clearly as City fans we need to give some leeway to Riyad. Pep is a cunning and clever player manipulator. Yes he's got his system, yet I think he enjoys setting big challenges for his players.
    He seems to like finding a players natural game and then revel in showing them some other ways to operate. Look how Pep has put his trust in Zinchenko and at the same time provided the lad with the knowledge to adapt his skills. If I was to comment on Pep when he's left City I would probably say this was one of the things I most admired him for.
    Pep's ability to add things to players is hard to fathom from the outside looking in. But there again you can almost see the fine tuning happen right before your eyes.
    With Mahrez I think Pep has challenged him to play in his system, out of position and all to see how he handles it, what sort of job he does, how he reacts and how consistent Mahrez can be in a new role.
    Going of what you've shown here I think it's obvious Riyad has done better than I thought.
    There is no doubt that Pep can polish a player better than most. From what you've unearthed here we could have another gem in our crown. I hope so.
    Brilliant stuff Andy, and thanks for all the hard work creating this really interesting analysis.

  4. I think he should try one of the cups with mahrez in kdb role zinchenko in david silva role with sane sterling wings as its going to be hard unless kdb /bernardo out to be in that role and i agree doesnt suit him though doubt he will get to play the role for any length of time, i suspect knows this now , great analysis Andy well done

  5. I just don't get why anyone would rip on their own player, specially when the reasons for his indifference are clear to anyone who's a proper blue and knows how our club and systems work or goes to games frequently.
    I'm seriously rooting for this lad to blow up this term …. top analysis Andy

  6. Mahrez played in KDB's position for Leicester. He played there very well. We play Kev there now or Bernado when he is injured and we don't use Mahrez like that. Thanks for showing this as when I have told people he plays like KDB people haven't seen it as no one else has really shown it like you have. Thank you


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