President Trump ends Hanoi summit with Kim Jong Un without an agreement; insight from White House National Security Adviser John Bolton on ‘Fox News Sunday.’



  1. Not to worry. The President will flatter the dictator into submission. You see our President understands the power of flattery. Those who flatter number 45 get a shout out from him. Our man in Washington tells Kim that the North has such great potential for economic success while branding the democrats socialists. It seems that he believes that dictatorships work and socialism does not. MAGAnificent!

  2. Total failure. Just sit back and wait till the rockets fly again . then Beg China to make it stop great plan from the best negotiator ever

  3. Mr. John Bolton’s view is absolutely correct and US does not need to be desparate! We should take the NoKo as a bulldog unleashed by China and Russia. China and Russia have not taken good care of their pitbull under the food ban (santions) by UN. And the pitbull has been so hungry and barking at S. Korea, Japan and USA. So we have a good leverage to deal with the poor starving bulldog. The leverage is the good food for them to eat if they remove their unnecessary sharp K-9 teeth (weapons of mass destruction) by themselves! They should remove their k-9 teeth first to eat the good food or no food will be given! Tell them how can they eat the food with the so sharp K-9s.. It will be lot Simpler and easier to deal with NOKO than his owners(China and Russia)! Or we should let China and Russia leash their bulldog, which is not easier! So, We just need to tame the poor and hungry bulldog with our, Japanese, and S. Korean good quality food!! We should send our dentists to NOKO to help them remove their k-9 and check their conditions as well! However, we should be careful to exchange our intellegence with the S. Korean government since current left-wing and pro-NOKO S. Korean governement folks need strong security clearance now! President Trump and Amb. Bolton, u guys did a fantastic job in Hanoi! Thanx again for ur service for the country!

  4. (((Wallace))) is just an Israeli agent , traitor to America. Where is MAGA in Foxnews and Trump party ? I only see pro Israeli mafia shills. World Jewry always wins Goyz.

  5. Guess what. Which country will benefit the most from having a nuclearized North Korea?
    Got it? Well, the next question is: why r we doing business w them n why r they still sitting at the UN???

  6. China is the master of N Korea, the latter r just a puppet who will do whstever their communist master n ally will tell them to do. However, we r still feeding the master by trading with them. It's a no-brainer, starve the Master n u starve the puppet!!! Otherwise, the Master will keep getting fatter n fatter!

  7. A new generation of conservative right in Korea is Dr. Kim Jung-min, an expert on international relations. Now his international relations YouTube channel is being oppressed by Chinese and Chinese followers in Korea, but the content that Dr. Kim is claiming is hopefully accepted by the younger generation of Korea in the future. Anti China alliance America

  8. What is american matters to concerns the deal a kind of no deal at all .
    N.K join positive statement buildings bridge from S.K
    America have anti missile but N.K not , measure level dangerous is lower then the point .
    Pakistan and India got a nuke and aims no one except
    It hard to lift tension because China supported ,not allies and can't sell arms to S.K and Japan

    The regime that US not care to banned to tourist ,the others is freed
    US starving million of children's .
    Trump praise Putin is open the world , diplomat to communist the left think he familiar with

  9. North Korean leader should be assassinated so his people can be set free from his demonic regime. Why would this administration side with a human rights violator. Pure EVIL.

  10. JOHN BOLTON??? What was president trump thinking or was he held at gun point to hire this devil. Freemason and Bilderberg group participant. This guy is a war hawk and cannot be trusted to the tenth degree. These devils are on both sides…left and right. No difference. Trump is a puppet and the US Senate and Congress are not likely to enforce anything that the President would like to do. Trump or Obama no Difference??? All President are PUPPETS.

  11. Best bet would be to lock both Bolton and trump in the WH bowling alley because neither of them are fit for office. The idiots gave away 30 years worth of gains and deterrents in just two summits.

  12. The comments here show the average fox viewers ignorance of the tactics and complexities of North Korea. You can't make an educated comment after a year of typical news viewership. The comments seem so mindless and ignorant. Detached from reality.

  13. So Chris Wallace finally making sense, calling out the ridiculousness of the republican party, and you all can’t see it.

    I feel bad for the USA. I feel bad for the world.

  14. I am South Korean. We count on this guy much better then the stupid South Korean government and president Moon. Kim Jong un will never give up their nuclear weapons.

  15. Let me explain this Wallace…The President can't just trash those he negotiates with. Furthermore, our domestic left parties are terrorists these days. Look at what they have done and are doing to Trump and America and you question why Trump doesn't trust in our "intelligence"? It's the same FBI, DOJ, CIA and leftist goons that are corrupt to the core and made up the Russian Hoax. Give me a break. Wallace is such a libturd. I can't stand his smug face and what he thinks to be witty questions. He is nothing short of a leftist CNN pawn working at Fox News who grows more liberal itself by the day. Sure Fox still has some good people left (i.e. Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Pirro, etc.).

  16. The summit has been a success! Walking out of a summit like that is probably the only way to give Kim the final ultimatum. It takes courage and conviction to do what Trump did. That is the only way to deal with a brutal dictator. The announer is a little biased in his wording…..which I find astounding!


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