GRF vs JDG Day 1 Rivals Rivals lol. JD Gaming vs Griffin KR vs CN vs LMS vs VN #RiftRivals 2019 GRF vs JDG final VOD.
2019 Rift Rivals Asia full playlist:
League of Legends Season 9 KR vs CN vs LMS vs VN Rift Rivals 2019 – Round Robin.
Sixth match of the day – JD Gaming vs Griffin best of 1 Day 1. JDG vs GRF.

JD Gaming Line-up:
Zoom – top Aatrox
Flawless – Jungle Sejuani
Yagao – mid Azir
Imp – ADC Kaisa
LvMao – Support Bard

Griffin Line-up:
Sword – Top Akali
Tarzan – Jungle Sylas
Chovy – Mid Talon
Viper – ADC Ezreal
Lehends – Support Yuumi

Patch: 9.13 – Season 9
Game date: 04.07.2019 | 07/04/2019 | July 4th 2019
Game place: LoL Park in Seoul, South korea
Casters: Atlus and Raz

#RiftRivals #KRvsCNvsLMSvsVN #LCKvsLPL

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  1. Griffin are the best teamfighters in the world in a meta where skirmishing and fighting are everything. Nobody does it better than they do. That fight near the blueside redbuff is just the kind of thing the apex league of legends players can create out of nothing. LCK are coming back for the title this year and nobody will be standing in their way.


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