J.T. Realmuto connects for his first home run in a Phillies uniform, a 434-ft. smash at Citizens Bank Park!



  1. honestly brewers and phillies have a good shot at the world series. both have amazing teams and teams like the yankees wont be getting in their way from the looks of things

  2. I was at the game tonight and had that ball go right off my bare hand, you can see me, I'm wearing a white and burgundy Phillies hat with a white old school Phillies Jersey, sunglasses on my hat. The guy next to my son picked it up, and I got a swollen hand with seem marks indented into my hand. Statcast said that the exit velocity was 113 mph, I'll never forgive myself for not catching that ball, once in a life time chance.

  3. Can't wait to see this lineup get exposed against a real team lol. When the Phillies gonto. Milwaukee or Los Angeles and get decimated what will the excuses be? Write them down below so I can roast you all months from now lol

  4. People are really caught up in the Bryce Harper acquisition (I don't blame them. I am too.) but the arrival of JT is going to do so much for this team. One of the best catchers in this entire league is going to absolutely rake all year long. Our lineup is going to be so scary.


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