MSI fast game record! msi 2019 SKT vs IG Day 2 2019 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage – SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus Gaming. MSI 2019 SKT vs IG VOD.
2019 MSI Group Stage full playlist:
League of Legends Season 9 Mid-Season Invitational in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Sixth game of the day – Invictus Gaming vs SK Telecom T1 vs best of 1. IG vs SKT.

Invictus Gaming Line-up:
TheShy – top Kennen
Ning – Jungle Camille
Rookie – mid Ryze
JackeyLove – ADC Draven
Baolan – Support Nrautilus

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Khan – Top Sylas
Clid – Jungle Lee Sin
Faker – Mid Irelia
Teddy – AD Sona
Mata – Support Taric

Patch: 9.8 – Season 9
Game date: 11.05.2019 | 05/11/2019 | May 11th 2019
Game place: GG Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Casters: Papasmithy, Kobe and Phreak

#MSI #2019MSI #LOL

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  1. I feel like they lose it on purpose because they want to kocok out the other stronger team first n let them meet the easier team for at a later time you can easily tell they didn't even showing any sign of trying, all the judges I feel like they all talk to much for most useless stuff but no straight if I knew who is my threat I would try to beat them in early game n save the easy for for later

  2. director: oh no if this game gets put on youtube it will be way to short and people are gonna know it was a stomp
    technical worker Dave: don't worry i'll sabotage some equipment and you will get your 30min video
    director: thanks Dave!

  3. I hate some chinese who say "5 korean cant win".
    Chinese is always so rude, craven and uncultured. You just got 1 trophy in 2018 even WITH 3 KOREAN lol (the head of IG is also Korean).

    Inevitable fact:
    world championship history
    2013: Korea
    2014: Korea
    2015: Korea
    2016: Korea
    2017: Korea
    2018: china( with 3 Korean lmao!)

    Shame on you chinese and plz be humble like Faker.
    You chinese always act up and be overconfident. If you want to be a know it all, get at least 3 trophies WITHOUT KOREAN lmao.

    With 15 billions of population but there is no one who is talented in china, how stupid country lmaooooo.

  4. SKT fangirls are saying, "SKT is testing on stage like the LPL. They wanted to test out new strategies since they will make knockout stages." Good excuse fangirls, admit IG is better LULW

  5. Actually on the first day of the group stage, I thought g2 was so lucky to take down skt, and I wished ig could do the same. And then you all know what happened on the next day

  6. Skt team, only faker and Lee sin can engage, with 2 support, 1 early game Lee sin that will die if go in, 1 sylas at the back doing nothing, just camp faker and guarantee a win, not even a serious team pick


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