India in Big Trouble | Headlines 12 PM | 27 February 2019 | DAWN News

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  2. This time twins from Pakistan baloch ( before 1948 baloch was free and devleoping country) and sindh ( for Sikh as Pakistani army killed 2 crore Sikhs in 70 years)

  3. Indian army is killing terrorists only not Pakistani army .Pakistani army and people should be thankful to Indian army as we are making Pakistan terrorists free nation as Pakistani army is not capable of killing terrorists in last 40 years

  4. Ab bat jan lo indian log agar tumlog pakistani ko gar mar loge fir vi pakistani kisiko nhi bolega indian ne gar mara.bolega indian ne pent khola mera or mai halla kiya to vag gya.

  5. Fake news pakistan what you get by propaganda of fake things india admitted mig21 lost & 1 f16 shot & your army person said 1 pilot in hospital 1 is alive that is ours the other is paf pilot why need to lie to people for army defending country


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