IG vs SKT Highlights | MSI 2019 Group Stage Day 2 | Invictus Gaming vs SK Telecom T1

Full Series/Day playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJwuLHutaYuJoiLhMqakl9yiiyqLCs1Le

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  1. Faker is nothing without Bengi. Bengi was the real MVP of S3 and S6 finals faker is just an unstoppable force but without bengi to compliment him he can't do much. Just like Mike needed Pippen

  2. in this game SKT looks like a team of Warband and Faceless
    while IG are Council an United
    where they Plan their dive thoroughly and Having courage to finish multiple objectives so fast

  3. 어휴 존나 못해 진짜 ㅅㅂ 다 그냥 나가 뒤져라 어휴 놀러 당기고 지랄하더니 꼴좋다. 이딴 팀 응원했던 내가 병신이지 진짜 두번다시 안본다

  4. If SKT pick sona taric ,Sona should go with Ryze ,Irela go with Taric ,

    Need dame &speed farm for bot lane ,also Irela &Taric can cover for each other

    Sona can't do all


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