Gordon demonstrates how to correctly sharpen your knife safely, so then you never need to use a blunt knife.

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  1. Just read this sharpening guide on this healthy kitchen 101 blog and they introduce a completely different technique with the rod. I guess this one is for the pros only.

  2. Good for honing, but if you need to sharpen or repair you have to break out the whetstone's. Also some of these comments are ridiculous, there are more then one way to do things in life, just because you live in a tiny bubble doesn't mean others do. I guess we live in the age of internet experts, I saw this Japanese guy sharpening this way so it must be the absolute only way of doing it.

  3. After working in beef and hog slaughter plants for over 30 years, some slaughtering from hundreds to thousands of head a day; some observations: 1) sharpening is when you use an abrasive surface to shape the blade profile after some use by actively removing metal. The amount removed depends on how much metal needs to be removed due to use over time. I usually touched up a knife once or twice a day with an extremely fine slate stone or razor stone, when I was using knife continuously. 2) in the trade the term "steeling" your knife was used instead of "honing" which is wholly different from sharpening. 3) depending on the specific cutting activity a knife might be "steeled" every few minutes to straighten the edge as it is microscopically bent from side to side when used. 4) I preferred a smooth steel which I might rub every few days with a fine grit emery type paper just enough to give the steel a "grip" on the knife edge to straighten it. I prefer a flat steel which I would make by grinding off the teeth of a flat file 6" – 9" long. The flat steel surface gives more uniform contact along the knife edge, which give more uniform sharpness on all parts of the blade. 5) though it can vary with the individual experienced butcher, I preferred the reverse steeling method as shown in video; pulling/pushing the edge to "straight-up-ness". 6) if a sound like a sword fight is occurring, as in the video, you cannot have a good "feel" how the knife edge, which is also advantaged by a smaller lighter steel. The goal is not to fight the knife into sharpness but "lovingly coax it" into highly functional sharp edge. If you can hear the contact between knife and steel, you are brute forcing it which does not serve to finesse it to fine sharp edge. 7) some types of knife use, as a meat cutter or boner, which involves cold meat/fat and frequent contact with bones. A rougher surfaced steel may work better and more frequent edge sharpening with a sharpening stone with a somewhat coarser stone at a steeper knife bevel for a more durable and "stronger" edge may be needed, not a razor edge which is better for slaughter operations with warm and softer tissues. There additional nuances in keeping a sharp knife that I learned alongside some "knife wizards" over the years, but that is enough (or too much?) for now

  4. OK you hardass technicality heads may proceed to stfu. Sharpening honing who cares? If the knife is not dull, its sharp. Whatever process of making a dull knife sharp can be called sharpening. Who gives a flying f*ck if the edge is straighter rather than thinner gtfo

  5. I see a lot of comments that Gordon actually does not know how to sharpen a knife,but there is the funny thing: Gordon is a world renown chief AND YOU ARE NOT, so plz dumb people stop to trying to show us that you think that you know something ,you actually dont and we call that : double ignorance…thanks Socrates!

  6. What a laugh Gordon I like to see that work with a really dull edge honing with a steel just wont cut it just cuz your a celebrity people will actually believe this penguin snot nonsense of yours..

  7. Honing Steel is for stupid people
    Honing Steel is only suitable for cheap and bad knives. and for people who are too awkward or stupid for grindstones.

    Here we show how to properly sharpen knives –


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