Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay’s World Kitchen: recipes from “The F Word”. Quadrille. November 2009. RRP Hardback £20. For more information please visit www.quadrille.co.uk



  1. I Am vegan and even though GR isn't he is such an excellent enthusiastic teacher …. i've only been vegan three years and I've yet to cook with leeks and he's getting me excited to try for the first time — adding olive oil is added unwanted calories and ditto the cheese… great option to veganise though

  2. 'Canned' butterbeans? He berated all kinds of chefs in Kitchen Nightmares for using canned and frozen goods. It doesn't take that long to soak and simmer butterbeans; who know what chemicals leached into those beans in that can. Tomato puree in plastic, store bought chicken broth in plastic – do his restaurant chefs take these shortcuts as well? What about reducing plastic use and food poisoning from packaging? Other than that, I leaned a thing or two, especially about cooking down the puree before adding the stock to reduce bitterness.

  3. remember to never mix beans and prawns in the summer god no. Winter is fine obviously because everyone’s taste buds and opinion on food change in winter 😂

  4. This guy is just flat out amazing. Chef I'm a big fan, and I would love to come to an event where you are preparing the food.

  5. The man is a chef. I can't recall a time when He ever attempted to grow His business by using the metro sexual grooming to prepare great food. A 12 Star Michelin Star Chef concerned about how gorgeous he might be.. Food , Family, His Work.

  6. Camera shoul d have been stationary so we can concentrate on Gordon and what he is saying, this constant movement is distracting and dizzying. Quite unpleasant actually

  7. Hey Gordon heres a better vegetable soup thats even simpler then yours its just Turnip carrots tomato onion and celery almost the same as yours but tastier and you can add salt if you want and just like yours it gets better as it sits in the fridge

  8. I followed the recipe as shown but added some torn kale leaves near the end, and added a squeeze of lemon juice before serving. It was really good!

  9. Made that, I added other veg and excluded the beans and it tasted amazing. Thank you so much, you always give the best recipes

  10. Good to see your catching up Ramsay. Weve been doing what you said here in australia for decades. Italian entree, Asian main and perhaps a French or simple australian ice cream dessert.


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