Greatest Rock N Roll Vietnam War Music – 60s and 70s Classic Rock Songs

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  1. I was a military son of the 60's and 70's whose father; USAF Major Wallace Zimmerman, was fortunate to return from his tour as an advisor in the early portion of the Vietnam conflict. Afterwards our family was able to travel with him on his other assignments. God Rest, Dad, a great officer and even better father.

  2. good music light my fire the doors sunshine of your love cream white rabbit jefersson airplane yellow river when i was young the animals paint it black rollin stones fire jimi hendrix time has come today

  3. Vietnam and Woodstock. Lovely music. We baby boomers had the best music. I get so sad and nostalgic. I dont like the strange so called music the youngsters have today. We are not living in good times again. Actually terrible times.

  4. My dad and I love the line up, but we both agree you need to have the Stones in their somewhere 🙂 Sympathy for the Devil or Paint it black. Just a suggestion, as I said we love the songs xo

  5. Fortunate Son-Creedence Clearwater Revival 0:00

    San Francisco-Scott McKenzie 2:22

    Some Kind Of Wonderful-Grand Funk Railroad 5:23

    House Of The Rising Sun-The Animals 8:32

    Riders On The Storm-The Doors 13:01

    Kicks-Paul Revere and The Raiders 19:35

    La Grange-ZZ Top 22:03

    Green Grass& High Tides-The Outlaws 25:51

    Eve of Destruction-Barry McGuire 37:59

    Going Up The Country-Canned Heat 41:28

    Fortunate Son-Creedence Clearwater Revival 1:00:47

  6. La Grange by ZZ Top wasn't released until 1973. Most of us Vietnam Vets were home by then. 1965 thru 1970 would have been a better time frame. It is obvious you were not in Vietnam. No worries though. And you even had some 50's music in here. wow Vietnam didn't start until 1965.

  7. We ARE on the Eve of DESTRUCTION ALL my LIFE , I am RETIRED !!!Did I contribute to Building Death ? , Yes so it is up to the Next 2020 Generation to Protest , we all just LET IT RIDE , kind of like your False Religions , Right Comrade , since most of you are East Europe but Refuse a DNA Test !!!


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