Trump-Kim summit 2.0: What does success look like for the White House? Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gives his take on what we can realistically expect from the meeting with North Korea. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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  1. stupid democrat still harping about "climate change"… we lost our "steel mills" to please stupid climate change movemnet… we shut down our steel mills only for china to opne them up… what difference does it make if the smog and polution is coming from the other side of the globe… climate change is "BS"…

  2. Thank you Donald Trump for getting that magnificent deal with North Korea I told people Trump was the best thing to ever happen to America you see that deal he got with North Korea that's why I voted he's incredible and I love him

  3. President Trump must tell Kim about the beautiful music his mother use to play for him in the evening ,when she was pregnant with him(Kim)


  5. as the most powerful and mindful president of the US history is engaged, the result will be some talk about the world, principles of making a deal, dinner, lunch and returning home with huge achievements that mr. president will tweet them. since he had his jacket buttoned this time, the success will be beyond imagination will some dems will claim as usual that president trump has made a joker of himself. trump for ever.

  6. God Bless Our President Donald Trump he bring the Peaces for the whole wide world!! Trump & Kim Jong Un to meet in HaNoi 2nd Summit!
    God Bless America!! Democrats never like Peace when see Trump success!! Democrats they rather lose the country, but never give up their corruption!! Trump & Kim Jong Un to meet in HaNoi 2nd Summit!!! Media CNN and the left is biggest nightmare!!

  7. The luciferian CIA of the USA took N Korea over to the point of committing Crimes Against Humanity such as stealing the North Korean children for American Pedovore consumption. Enslaving, starving, keeping the North Korean people always hungry, poor and desperate. Hungry to the point of 'Cannibalism'. North Koreans eat each other and the luciferian American deep state could not be any more happier about this. North Korea is a terrible mess because of the AMERICAN CIA.

    Kim was being controlled by the luciferian CIA. Evil deeds by the luciferian CIA have been unjustly blamed on Kim. The luciferian CIA hides behind the puppet because the luciferian CIA is made up of cowards who use a lot of PROPGANDA and lies for control. President Trump knows this very well as the luciferian CIA has been trying to do the same to him unsuccessfully, so far.

    The USA is responsible for North Korea's desperate plight. I hope and pray President Donald Trump takes this into consideration when making deals with North Korea. If any thing we should pay retribution to North Korea for the damage the American luciferian CIA did to the North Korean people and country. The luciferian CIA destroyed North Korea.

    The North Korean people's injustice by the CIA will be righted by Father God's Will. The future North Korea will be a very different story as NK will be blessed with super success. The future for NK is bright. Until then, the North Korean people continue to suffer.

    Kind Heavenly Father, it is my humble prayer to you, I ask your blessings upon President Donald Trump while negotiating deals with North Korea. May he follow your guidance, know and do your will regarding North Korea. Please easy the suffering of the North Korean people. May their burdens be light, their pain and suffering be short lived. Your will be done as you know what is best for your North Korean children of this world.

  8. We need to understand that Trump's intention is to turn the U.S. into a kleptocracy, that is, a government ruled by a criminal elite. Trump views Russia, the world's largest kleptocracy, as his model because in molding it from the ashes of the collapsed Soviet Union, Putin amassed a huge personal fortune of over $200 billion. Did Putin invent some miraculous vaccine or found an amazing internet company? No. Putin, an ex-KGB official, used strong-arm techniques and maneuvers to position himself at the center of Russia's post-Yeltsin failed democracy and opportunistically seized power and influence to put him at the head of state in the authoritarian kleptocracy that arose from the ashes of what Boris Yeltsin envisioned, but what Yuri Andopov and Mikhail Gorbachev could not sustain. Donald Trump is trying to do exactly the same thing here. We are at the edge of what soon could be a major recession, an economic dislocation the likes of which we haven't seen for decades, maybe even ever, as the world's central banking experiment possibly sputters into obsolescence. In other words, we could be entering a very chaotic period, one that could allow Trump to implement Putin-like strategies that would transform the American democracy into something far darker and far removed from "the land of the free" we've long assumed was permanent. The stage is pretty much being prepared for Trump to transform our country into a "new" form that he'll claim will "make America great again." When our bank accounts are seized, our homes foreclosed on, our neighbors suddenly gone without trace, our assumed freedoms eliminated, will we really think that what we've become is that great? Probably not. But Mr. Trump will, as he bankrolls the wealth he criminally extracts from America's resources en route to challenging Mr. Putin as the world's richest man. Get ready, folks.

  9. You know republikkkans are desperate when they gotta pull out the "eye of newt" to throw into their black cauldron of collusion and crime to cover for fat Donny and his crime family.

  10. Anyone who thinks North Korea will give up its nukes, please, Ive got some magic beans for sale. Yours for $99.99, lll also throw in a golden goblet Jesus used to drink from.

  11. Mr. Trump is our greatest president. He is even greater than George Washington. Thru him we the people have taken our country back from the terrible democrats and their deep state FBI, CIA and horrible establishment of socialists! Thank you Mr. President.

  12. The red state King of B.S. tweeted this absurdity today: "Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I
    took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive
    experience." North Korea still has Nukes, and no agreement of any kind as been signed. The Great Deceiver continues his to believe in his
    pathetic delusional fantasies.

  13. TRUMP 2020! TRUMP 2024! TRUMP 2028! TRUMP 2032! TRUMP 2036! TRUMP 2040!
    TRUMP 2044! TRUMP 2048! TRUMP 2052! TRUMP 2056! TRUMP 2060! TRUMP 2064!
    TRUMP 2068! TRUMP 2072! ……….

  14. North Korea, under Kim Jong Un, has imprisoned, tortured and even KILLED Christians. Yet conservatives seem to be OK with our President being cozy and complimenting him? 🤦

    This is why I'm an Independent. I can't stand the hypocrisy. If President Obama had done this, the Right would have lost their minds.

  15. This interview was going OK until the comment about the wall. Frankly, I'm getting sick of news reporters
    worrying about how they feel about the wall on the other side of the border. I could care less what Mexico
    or any other country thinks of the wall. Build the wall!

    Trump 2020


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