Hi Guys, welcome back to today’s video! I hope you enjoyed! Today’s video I talk and react to the 2019/2020 FLEETWOOD FIXTURES! Who have you’re team got first game of the season? What game are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Fairly decent spread of games this time around after having almost all of the more local ones in the second half of the season last time out. My only issue is that the Sunderland away game is on an International weekend, Ipswich away is round 3 of the FA cup weekend and Coventry (At Birmingham's ground) is on a Wednesday. The other two may yet end up as midweek games which would rule me out of going.

  2. Good video lad. Decent fictures for ftfc this time glad we have Blackpool away first get that crap over and done with and I'm going to my first away game of the season as well apart from bloody blackpool 😂

  3. Great video but it shows Blackpool look they have got Macclesfield at home in the trophy and get a toss about including me and we’ve got Nottingham Forest


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