Ethiopian Music : Firehiwot Yilma | ፍሬህይወት ይልማ – Anten Biye | አንተን ብዬ – New Ethiopian Music 2019 (Official Video)
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  1. ጊዜ ጊዜን ወልዶ እንዳንተዛዘብ ዛሬ ከኛ ካለን ተዉ እንተሳሰብ እዉነት ነዉ አቦ እኔም እሱን እሱን ባልኩኝ ተናኩኝ ዛሬስ ዶሮ እንድህ አልነበርሽም ተቀየርሽ ይሉኛል ትዳሪን ብየ ኮፍተን ባልኩ ቆንጆ ስራ ነው ይመችሽ እህቴ ቀጥይበት

  2. Jesus Christ there are lots of Amaras with their beautiful culture and they let this bastard Italian slaves dance to our song!?? No!! I hate you Eritreans now! You said Eritreans is only for Eritreans and Amaras culture is only for Amharas!!

  3. Beautiful Amharic music and dance #Eskista!! Love Amara traditional music 🎶 ❤️! This is Amharas culture sung by Eritrean woman! Fuck of!! Stop copying our culture and dance!! We have lots of Amaras who are original and want to be famous because of their own culture and dance and song!! Stop stealing Amharas culture! Amharas culture only for Amharas!!! Eskista only for Amharas! You are making money of Amharas people!! Stop it!! Let the real Amharas sing and dance to their own culture!! I am really mad!!


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