Former Premier League referee Peter Walton joins Adrian Healey, Paul Mariner and Alejandro Moreno to discuss the controversial goal by Fernando Llorente from the second leg of Manchester City vs. Tottenham in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, which sent Spurs to the semifinals and City home. Pep Guardiola and former Spanish referee Iturralde Gonzalez say VAR failed, while Walton believes it was not a handball.

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  1. I don’t think it should be handball anytime it hits your hand – but you shouldn’t be able to score if it comes off your hand….
    Just doesn’t feel right

  2. Basically gaining advantage with an unintentional handball is fine as long the goal is not scored directly from it. That's why the ref pointed to his hip after the VAR call.

    So yeah the ref for it spot on based on existing rules, until the IFAB changes comes into effect in June.

  3. Let's just change the rules slightly , you can now use your hand under certain circumstances those being 1( your on the losing side 2( it was impossible to score using your feet 3( defender's in your way !

  4. Youtube. Why do you keep deleting my comment about Peter Walton saying during the broadcast of the game that the goal SHOULD NOT count if the ball touched LLorente's arm?

  5. It was a goal…. fuck off anyone crying it wasn’t. It brushed the bottom of his forearm before hitting his hip and going in. You’re a fucking baby if you think that should have been given handball. The more I watch these panelist’s on ESPN the more I think they’re fucking clueless.

  6. Well, former and current Premier League referees are some of the worst ones, so I don't accept what he says. The former Spanish ref said it correctly though. And I believe Rosetti is the chief of the UEFA referees. So it should've been disallowed.

  7. Alejandro got owned. Using the arm didn't even have a material effect on the game because it would have hit his side / midsection above the hip to change the trajectory of the ball anyway. The arm isn't used to change anything or contribute to the goal.

  8. UEFA and FIFA are clear you cannot score if a 'hand' is used even if it is accidental! there is no discussion. It clearly hit his hand so no goal. THE REF WAS SHOWN 1 ANGLE THAT WAS NOT CLEAR why not the one that was.

  9. That shouldn’t have been a goal but it is what it is. People like Peter are the reason why some clubs win matches even when they shouldn’t have


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