1. Meghan McCain's father was a good man who reached across the aisle, was ethical and made tough good decisions even when it didn't benefit his own party. Meghan is a partisan as they come and is NOTHING like her father.

  2. Wanna talk about busin people in? The Soros gang buses illegal immigrants to the border AS WELL AS buses protesters to events. Did people charter for Trump, hell yea they did. Get over it.

  3. Get ready to be mad again joy. Because trump will do it again. Someone should explain to joy that unlike dems conservatives are people of color. Not just white. Hateful shrew

  4. it is the democrats who have sold their souls , not Lindsay Graham , Republicans never came out and openly put satanic curses on obama during his first term to get him out of office , the leftist supporters have….and more black people have moved and walked away from the democratic plantation since obama in his second term and during Trumps first term ….so there's that too

  5. I'm tired of people acting delusional and sitting in denial. If Obama and made every negative thing about white people they would have been pissed but being that minorities have to deal with our every move being put down by trump and his supporters while white people sit comfortably without their feet ever being held to the fire it sickens me. When was the last time Trump has ever said the words white people before anything negative? So what, what people don't have flaws, downfalls and short comings that shouldn't be talked about? I refuse to suppport anyone who can not for one second be unbiased. So yes as a black person I do turn to cnn and other outlets who actually calls others out! That was the only outlet willing to talk about white terrorism unlike trump who claims he doesn't know what the hell it is and acts as though it doesn't exist. He loves to fish for those black votes but please tell me when has he ever addressed police brutality? When did he ever show he was standing with us? And please don't come at me with those bull shit ass factory jobs because that again shows that he doesn't feel we are capable of anything more and better than that. Not to mention most black people were working several jobs before he was even a damn thought.

  6. Well at least Megan called it right on one thing actually two things the crowds at the rally are real nobody was bussed in, trust me we're not that desperate. Deplorables come out real and in those big numbers for our president and the second thing she was right about is Joy is a bitch………

  7. If Meghan got called a bitch she’d be screaming her head off and yelling bloody murder. She’s so me me me whiny and pathetic everyday. But yet she can call someone a bitch on air and then defend HERSELF. We all just saw the ugly mask come off 👺

  8. Megan is right. These peckerwoods came out in droves to support Trump because they were tired of limousine liberals like Joy talking down to them and Trump gave them a voice and said the things they were thinking.
    2020 is NOT in the bag for Democrats and the worst thing they can do is assume they've already won.
    Remember, Hillary was leading in the polls right up to election night.


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