Final JDG vs DWG Game 4 Rivals Rivals lol. DAMWON Gaming vs JD Gaming KR vs CN vs LMS vs VN #RiftRivals 2019 JDG vs DWG final VOD.
2019 Rift Rivals Asia full playlist:
League of Legends Season 9 KR vs CN vs LMS vs VN Rift Rivals 2019 – Grand Finals.
Fourth match of the day – DAMWON Gaming vs JD Gaming best of 5 Game 4. DWG vs JDG.

DAMWON Gaming line-up:
Nuguri – Top
Canyon – Jungle
ShowMaker – Mid
Nuclear – AD
Beryl – Support

JD Gaming Line-up:
Zoom – top
Kanavi – Jungle
Yagao – mid
Imp – ADC
LvMao – Support

Patch: 9.13 – Season 9
Game date: 07.07.2019 | 07/07/2019 | July 7th 2019
Game place: Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Casters: Papasmithy, Valdez and Raz

#RiftRivals #KRvsCNvsLMSvsVN #LCKvsLPL

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  1. Holy cow this was the best alistar play i have ever seen. It was insane so many 3 -4 man knockups. Best support play probably ever in an international game.

  2. Clean… That is all that can be said for LCK here, barring GRF maybe. Beryl absolutely wrecked this game. Dude made the cow look like a fed carry.


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