During a Q&A session over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, which was attended and filmed by BJPenn.com’s Mike Pendleton, McGregor was asked about one of his recent opponents, Floyd Mayweather.



  1. This dude is a fucking clown 😂😂😂 he walked him down the whole fight LMAO Floyd didn’t come out defensive, he was taking shots the early rounds cause he was in front of Conor walking forward…

  2. Forget floyd. Boxing isn’t even McGregor sport he needs to think about how he’s gonna rematch khabib because he got a bigger beating from him than floyd

  3. Why does McGregor deserve a rematch why would Mayweather come out of retirement for him he has shown no reason for it I mean he was getting out boxed by khabib all the money made this man forget how to fight


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