Completing a full exterior detail on my 1997 BMW 328is was fun. Exterior detailing can be difficult but rewarding at the same time.

I started with a Turtle Wax snow foam wash in my Sun Joe auto power washer. I did not use a foam cannon as I thought the Sun Joe soap bottle setup and detergent nozzle on the wand would produce a nice thick layer of foam. I was wrong. After rinsing the car down with soap from the power washer I used the two bucket method, rinse bucket and wash bucket, with grit guards. I rinsed the soap off after cleaning the car. I did not let the car dry before applying the wax. I used Meguiars Quik Wax as you could apply it to clean wet or dry paint. I finished out the exterior detailing with some Invisible Glass cleaner, Meguiars Ultimate Black, and Black Magic’s Tire Dressing.

11 Minutes of Detailing My Car:
How To Shampoo Car Carpet:
Muffler Hole Patch:
Knocking Noise In Engine (Fixed):
Whole Bottle of Back to Black:

Turtle Wax Wash Soap –
Sun Joe Power Washer –
Microfiber Wash Mitt –
Exterior Detailing Brush Set –
Rounded Tire Brush –
Long Wheel Brush –
SuperClean All Wheel Cleaner –
Meguiars Quik Wax –
Meguiars Ultimate Black –
Black Magic Tire Dressing –



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  1. Line up the front wheels, wash wheels and tires first, buy a long wheel brush for inner barrels, use better shampoo, wash mitt all of the top of the car before touching bottom panels, buy clay bar, spray window cleaner on towel to reduce overspray.

  2. when rinsing out the gas cap I think its better not to spray water directly at the gas cap. maybe use a wet rag to wash off the soap. secondly, when applying the trim restorer i recommend using masking tape next to the trim so you wont accidentally touch the rag onto the freshly cleaned paint. Ive done it many times lol.

  3. nice work, i would love to have a nice driveway to do that at home. The Bmw front grills are called "Kidneys". next step a full interior detailing !

  4. I recently bought a 95 E36 M3 Coupe and it's also sitting because the front shocks were blown and figured I'd save up for coilovers. Went to try and start it up to move up for a wash too but the battery was dead and just found out I only have the Valet Key and don't have the original Master Key which is needed to open the doors if the battery dies 🙁 Looking forward for you to upload the interior detailing!

  5. I found your detail quiete nice, but i saw that u didnt wring the washmit out after u washed it in the dirty bucket, thats what i reccomend you to do =)

  6. Ok I wash my car and wifes both black cars every sat/sun weather dependant.i just washed them today but this makes me want to go wash mines again lol

  7. I have exactly same. Same exterior color. Same year. Same model. Stick shift. My interior is absolutely beautiful. It is two tone grey and light gray. Stunning

  8. in the future you should do the wheel first then wash the car from top to bottom also when washing the car you should have two different wash mitts as one for the bottom and one for the top to keep the dirt from spreading also you forgot the door jams but pretty good !

  9. Couple of things you might want to try next time mate.
    1) start with the wheels and use a separate bucket. Then you won’t flick any wheel dirt onto the paint
    2) blast off your foam and loose dirt off first before you hand wash
    3) 2 bucket method is good. But you should be washing one panel at a time really. Not half the roof, hood, and then bumper before you wash the mitt.

    Apart from that all looks good


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