CLINTON ROAD Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.

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  1. The only thing horrifying about this trailer was "Clinton". The amount of people who have died mysteriously (or flat out murdered) around the Clintons is a far scarier thing than this movie could ever be.

  2. Absolute shit don't waste you time ,cheap budget acting some of the actors cant act to save their lifes total rubbish. I'll give it one star and that's just for ice tea but he was shit as well….. Proper jank

  3. I wasted $6.99 because this was the worst movie I've ever seen and I'm really surprised that Ice T even being involved but he was the best part of the whole movie.

  4. They should have taken the money that they made for this movie and donated it to freaking charity. Such bad acting and low budget. Who the hell would watch this crap. Life is too short to sit down and watch low budget flops.

  5. Legend has it, this is where Hilary Clinton dumps all her body's… You can also see her running threw the woods sometimes on all fours.

    (Thought I'd add I'm joking since everybody's dumb as shit)

  6. As a former resident of Newfoundland NJ and a Clinton road guy, mysterious trucks are kids in HS messing with idiots who go down that road, we used to hang Bobby heads under the bridge… you want fun go play on the dirt roads back there


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