Chris Eubank Sr speaks to ITV Box Office after Chris Eubank Jr beats James DeGale at The O2 Arena



  1. Good luck to Eubank Jr. He’s a millionaire , living his best life and I love the way he pays no mind to all of the negativity. He has a strong mentality. Good on him !

  2. We all happy for junior. Dad,now please step out of the lime light.Let junior be,you are the only one stopping him from being world champion.You must trust the experts.Blessings and congratulations.

  3. Let’s not get carried away – well done Jnr on the win but let’s not pretend that DeGale was of any use. Geezer had no legs from about round one. One decent jab as soon as the bell rang, then all he did was hit once and hug until he was pushed off and then Jnr roughed him up a bit. It was a terrible fight all round, DeGale was way off pace and didn’t get a single combo in the whole time – he was scared from start to finish. Just needs to retire. Eubanks beat a visibly finished James DeGale, the fight wasn’t PPV worthy at all. I don’t think this fight proves Eubanks is world level I just think he proved that DeGale is finished tbh. Some of you are so excited like he beat an in form DeGale or something

  4. Who is that sad that they actually pay to watch boxing….no one pay and they will have to show it free…..I will never pay to watch it.

  5. Say what you want about eubanks they are entertainment.i think Chris would beat Billy in the rematch if it happened.billy abit deluded as he did say 100% degale would beat Chris lol

  6. and Good Luck to EUBANK SENIOR for staying TRUE to the channel that made Him !!… CONGRATS its musta been hard watching your kid go through so MUCH !!!..and last but not least JAMES DEGALE a TRUE WARRIOR it was not your time tonight but Good Luck with The FUTURE …


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