A Chinese official has warned Canada not to be naive in thinking its allies can help smooth over issues between the two countries.
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  1. australia and canada are the ONLY two poor countries who are proud of being protected or asking for others' help. pathetic two naive countries, born to be somone's slave or lapdog.

    Who could force China in 2019 now? USA or Trump?

  2. Canada seems not to take any responsibility no blame US,India the list goes on. how childish. I blame Canadians for voting in this self centered Peter pan globalist as PM

  3. Trudeau dissed Trump at the Canadian G20 summit and then expects Donald to bail him out. If I was Trump I’d say “you know what pretty boy why don’t you see what your little French buddy Macron can do for you with China”
    Canada we have elected an imbecile as our PM. Congrats!

  4. those Canadians are so silly not the citizens I'm talking about the game useless politicians
    what do they have to punish or to deal with the Asian giant nothing ice cream ice cream and more ice cream?


  6. Cancel all incoming ships from China if you want to get their attention. Make them (chinese people) get visa's before they can land in Canada. There are lots of things we can do other than whining to Trump. (Or see the message below, don't kidnap their citizens)

  7. Here’s a thought Canada. How bout you release the Huawei exec you have no business arresting in the first place. You got yourselves into this Jam trying to do the US’s dirty work. Trump is and always will be America first. Good luck counting on him to fight on your behalf. The rest of the world will not sympathize with you either because it was your PM who met secretly with the Trump admin in Switzerland to plan out the arrest. Just know you are in the wrong on this matter and looking real dumb on the world stage.

  8. It isn't hard to figure that out. Plain and simple. You want your Canadians out, release the detained Chinese first! After that is fine, China and Canada can be friends again.

  9. if you carefully examine what happened to Toshiba of Japan, Alstom of France, and Huawei. the similarities quickly emerge. the differences are: china is not a vassal of US, Huawei is employee owned company and it has backup plans.

    Canada agreed to carryout the Huawei plan during the five eyes meeting in Canada last year. why the handwringing now?

  10. I don't see Canada allowing much foreign business in Canada, especially in the telecom sector and basically anything.
    And before the Canadian government wants to get back the two detained Canadian in China, maybe Trudeau should really think about the Meng from Huawei that they detained too. If Canada thinks Meng has a need to go through a trial in Canada because she might have broken some laws in Canada, then so does China. And I doubt Canada putting tariffs on China can do much to help themselves when China didn't even fear that much when the US put tariffs on them.

    And Canadian allies all have their own issues to deal with within their home, and with China on benefits to gain. Canada should start smartening up and stop acting like a little pussy hiding behind US or others so much. First release Meng, second open up its own economy and allow more foreign companies to move into Canada, and third start creating more jobs, and lastly reduce taxes and stop wasting taxpayers money on useless stuff that doesn't improve Canada in macro or micro level.

  11. Am old civilization telling an arrogant young one to grow up and fight it's own battles. America cares about it's zio empire not Canada. These schills are mainstream fools who do not know power.

  12. Has been hearing talks of Canada seeking support from allies with regard to the dispute with China but have not heard any positive feedback from her allies.

    Even her closest ally, the US seems to have adopted a nonchalant attitude towards supporting Canada in this issue. Trudeau has failed badly. None of the leaders at the 2019 G20 Summit seems to take him seriously as can be seen from videos taken at the G20.

    Trump has even mentioned openly that there was no discussion with Xi Jinping over Meng's case.

  13. I would of thought that when it comes to rallying other nations, the idea of what China is doing to Canada also means they can do it other nations. It's their MO and if steps aren't taken by other economies, then yes they'll do it them too.

  14. The first people you meet are the nice people. they convince you everything is warm and rosey, then you extend trust, then you meet their leaders. If you survive. Trust worthy people, you could make a living out of that one these days.


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