Box Office today! Beyond The Trailer breakdown! A Quiet Place makes John Krasinski an overnight star! Black Panther passes Titanic!

In this box office recap find out how A Quiet Place was a surprise hit at the box office its opening weekend of April 6th 2018! What this means for John Krasinksi, Emily Blunt, Paramount, SXSW and more! Blockers, Chappaquiddick and The Miracle Season also open while Ready Player One scores in China! And Black Panther passes Titanic at the all-time domestic box office! Plus box office opening weekend projections for Rampage and Truth or Dare! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you an inside look at the weekend box office with an industry perspective! Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

My Rode Reel Competition

Intro – 00:00
A Quiet Place – 00:30
Paramount – 2:05
SXSW – 3:39
Emily Blunt – 4:55
John Krasinski – 5:48
Event Film – 8:55
Blockers – 10:01
Chappaquiddick – 11:16
Overall Top Ten – 12:03
Black Panther Update – 13:31
This Coming Weekend – 14:31

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



  1. I never actually followed any person in hollywood because I'm a F**KING HIPSTER… Now I'm really sad that I probably can't get a personal link to him, youtube and the internet is really a different medium to cinema… I cry hard.

  2. I wont worry about Chad because unlike Gal he is a talented actor. I dont much like Tarani's acting so I am not surprised her movie is not doing well. I just saw Hidden Figures in Netflix and I was not impressed. I like her supporting costars more.

  3. I'm pretty certain that Chadwick Boseman wont suffer from being typecast due to Black Panther, the man has already shown his acting chops in many dramatic roles prior to him playing TChalla so its doubtful, unless he himself decides that being on contract to Disney/Marvel is enough but considering Denzel Washington sponsored some of his actor training i dont think he will want to waste the talent.

  4. Hi Grace, I was actually just thinking about it this morning talking to some coworkers, that The Lego Movie was actually more of an adult animated movie. And I realized that was the reason why it was so good. It was also an Easter egg fest. And as they became increasingly kid-oriented with Batman and then Ninjago, the quality waned. Also, I did want to note that Chadwick did start his monologue reminding the audience about all the other REAL historical figures he has portrayed. I'm sure his team is trying to remind us he's more than T'Challa.

  5. I knew I shouldn't have watched this video. I guess I just got spoiled for A Quiet Place. This is what waiting on friends to see a movie gets you lol. I should've just went by myself. I don't blame Grace though, I blame my friends.

  6. A quiet place was awesome, its great to know that they used the young lady that was deaf . I loved Player one. I thought I Tonya was a great movie but I guess being a great film isn't nowadays.

  7. Grace is an idiot if it didn’t have some white male crush she likes it does not see any success in their future she is a moron I cannot believe that because she’s on the tit of marvel and Disney suddenly Mel Chadwick Bozeman exist this is why I don’t listen to the critics because critics don’t appreciate everything 42 that movie was amazing Thurgood Marshall that movie was amazing message from the king that movie was amazing but if she wasn’t in her white bubble so of course she doesn’t know about it the balls this woman doesn’t have to act like she does to say the things she says with such confidence but that’s what happen when you’re on the periphery of this world and not actually in it not actually in the room doing the job

  8. When Black Panther was first announced, I didin't know anything about the character. I wasn't interested in seeing it because I don't really care about niche heroes like Hawkeye or Ant-Man, but I've just watched the movie with my sister, and we both came to the conclusion it's our favourite Marvel movie to date.

  9. Hey Grace, you have the wrong number there for Black Panther worldwide. It is 1.3 billion not 1.2 billion. I was about to say there is noway it surpasses Last Jedi in the all time list still needing 133 million. But only needing 33 million, I can see that happening.

  10. Yeah Grace, I think people saw the reviews for A Quite Place because my theater was full and surprisingly they were also quite during the movie. Which made my experience and friends better.

  11. 1.3 Billion not 1.2 Grace lol you can be a little less obvious in your distain!

    Ps Chadwick was already established in Hollywood after 42 and Marshall unlike Gadot!

  12. Grace PLEASE DO A REVIEW ON THE MEG TRAILER. People are in for a treat with this especially if they read the book by Steve Alten
    This makes Jaws look like Nemo and there is a spoiler if you can catch it. Look forward to your comments on it

  13. My family rarely buys advanced tickets, but we always plan ahead when and what movie we're going to see. It's not impulsive, we just don't see the reason to purchase advanced tickets with a convenience fee when we can just go to the theater and get them when we're going to the movie

  14. Grace you amuse by placing Get Out and Deadpool on the same podium. Deadpool is not on the same intellectual level as Get Out! The same thing applies to A quiet place.


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